Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey Telfer it's been 3 years, where's my answer?

It's been  around three years since I put a question
to Brendan Telfer, and I'm still waiting for an answer, I've tried
everything, contacting radio sport, letters to newspapers,
contacting TVNZ and Sky, contacting any news
organization he has belong to, contacting other
journos he has worked with, I even joined up
to his facebook page, "The Brendan Telfer Experience"

On his facebook page, I had a long conversation
with his editor and ask my question several times,
the editor avoided the question like the plague,
and basically stated well it's Brendan opinion.

I thought that was a cop out, I know it's his
opinion, that is why I asked the question, but
the question has never been answered and it's
been three years, so I will ask it one last time,
I just hope Brendan has the integrity as a
Journalist to finally answer.

"Brendan you stated after the Kiwis won the
League World Cup  and I quote "The Rugby
League World Cup is Worthless" and that
is why you wouldn't vote for them to be
nominated for a Halberg.

Yet you voted for the Silver Ferns a
few years back and they won it.

Isn't that Hypocritical of you, since Netball
and Rugby League are similar  in size globally,
and also why haven't you ever called The Netball
World Champs worthless because of their size like
you did with Rugby League?

I anit holding my breath for an answer.

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