Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hank Williams Jnr's Obama Comments

Hank Williams Jnr is an Idiot, he has now been dropped
from Monday Night Football, because on Fox News he
compared President Obama to Hitler.

What a freakin idiot,  Hank Williams Jnr looked liked
he was drunk during the interview and even the Fox and
Friends interviewers looked embarrassed.

This is why country music needs people like Garth
Brooks to come out of retirement, someone the
industry can be proud of, and the industry does
have many great artists, who don't  have
bigoted views or who aren't downright stupid.

Unfortunately, its the Hanks of this world that
get in the media.

Here's hoping in the future it will be the Garth's and
the Trisha's that we will hear from.

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