Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gaddafi is Dead

The brutal dictator and torturer and murderer is
dead. The ruler of Libya was captured and killed
by rebels.

This post is not about the politics of  it all, and if he
should've been kept alive. I know  zero about the
politics of Middle Eastern/African nations.

This post is about the reaction to his death by some
left wing bloggers.

Anjum Rahman wrote a piece on how no one deserves
to die, and even through he was a dictator this was wrong  and
suggested that he was with his God now. She also went
on to say she had a vision of world peace and everybody
living in a just and prosperous world. She also stated that
no matter what someone has done, no one deserves to

Nice sentiments she has though  questioned
people commemorating 9/11 (and listed some USA
policies of the past decades), while not commentating other
tragic events.

The folks on the blog the standard suggested that 9/11
was  part of a plan to Invade Iran.

Not sure how anyone  can come to this conclusion, IMHO
you must have a real chip on your shoulder about the USA
to think like this.

Here's hoping the people of Libya can move on to be a
free country.

( my view on Ms Rahman's blog and the standard
is my opinion and thoughts, Im not stating fact, this
post has been edited from its original form after MsRahman 
explained her views to me)
her views to me)

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