Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corey Jane Caught Drinking and Smoking

New Zealand All Black, Corey Jane has been
caught drinking heavily and smoking in a bar
just three days out from the quarterfinal against
Argentina at the rugby world cup he was with
fellow All Black Israel Dagg

Too me this sums up how far behind the rest
of the professional sporting world Rugby is.

The media cannot wash their hands of this, and
I'm not writing this from any moral stance on
drinking and smoking, I'm writing this because I
know what other sporting codes go through.

Take Sean Marks's career as an NBA player,
he was a bench player for the Spurs, he got
maybe a half dozen minutes a game at his peak,
during the NBA finals series, when he wasnt needed
as a player but just a squad member, he spent every
possible minute trying to get his team the championship
ring, there is no way in hell three days out from a
playoff game he would be drinking and smoking.

I'm kinda guessing the New Zealand media is
going through their usual BS, saying it does
no harm and that Colin Meads did it after  a
days work on the farm.

Well I'm sorry but Colin Meads played an amateur
sport in the 1960's, where you could of gotten away
with it.

It's the year 2011 and the average NZ sporting fan
(thanks to our media) is so behind the times, they
probably think it's okay that professional sports players
 drink and smoke before a big event, but it anit.

Sport science is multi billion dollar industry for a
reason, the top global sports in the world uses
sport scientists because they know the difference
they can make in performance.

Rugby in New Zealand has shown how far behind
they really are, and how much they have to catch
up to the professionalism of the NBA and NFL
and the top swimmers and rowers of the world,
it's too bad our media will never tell you this, and
its sad that the public still think a few beers or
cigarettes will never hurt you before a game, well
it can make the difference between winning and
losing, it seems someone forgot to tell the All
Blacks this.

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