Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catherine Tate joins "The Office"

Every fan of The Office has had their worse
fears realized, with the news today that Catherine
Tate will be joining the cast of the office.

Catherine Tate is a British stand up comedian
who appeared in last season's finale, thankfully
at that point the producers of the Office, didn't
hire her for the Ceo role, now played by the
brilliant James Spader as Robert California.

But  executive producer Paul Liberstein, who also
plays Toby, in what has to be regarded as the
biggest Toby move in history has asked her to
join the cast, can you imagine what Michael
Scott will be saying right now!!!

Tate may be funny in a stand up situation, but her
forced lines, her Z grade attemps to be a
Michael Scott, comes off as annoying rather
than "funny annoying"

What the hell has gone wrong with the American
Office now. I thought there was hope, Ed Helms's Andy
Bernard was a great choice to become new
office manager, and with Spader's California as
the CEO, the show couldn't miss.

Unfortunately  two things have now gone wrong,
the Character of Jim has gone from the fun pranking
Jim to a sociopathic bully,  his pranks aren't funny
he just comes across as a smug jerk and you find
yourself cheering for Dwight.

I pray that Catherine Tate's role in the show
 isn't massive, because she will destroy it,
she could kill it, she could bring it down.

The Office didn't need her, the supporting cast, Kevin,
Creed, Angela, Oscar, Meredith  Phillis,  Gabe
could of kept this thing running, while the writers
 sort out the Jim Issue.

Instead they have gone with her, and I'm kinda
guessing this could be the last season of the

I hope I'm wrong.

Time will tell.


Anonymous said...

How about u calm down until u've actually seen her episodes? They wanted to hire her straight away but she had other commitments. Ricky Gervais actually suggested her for a cameo last season, so if Mr Gervais thinks she's awesome maybe u can get around to at least not making a big deal about it until u've seen what they want to do with her character, eh?

Brett Dale said...

I judge by what I saw of her on the last episode of last season. I also think it's quite insulting to the other actors that they need to add someone else. How about increasing Gabe's or Oscar's or Creed's story lines.

They don't need her, IMHO.

Hopefully Ricky Gervais will be right in his judgement.