Monday, October 10, 2011

Breakers Win

The New Zealand Breakers have won back
to back matches on the road to start off the
Australian NBL in perfect fashion, going to
2-0 in the opening weekend.

If anyone thought the NZ Breakers would
struggle without Kirk Penny, well they will
be changing their minds after a complete
team performance.

Last night's victory over the Hawkes, showed
they play a complete team game, with CJ Burton
banging in threes at all the right moments, American
import Cedric Jackson top scoring with 28 points
being supported by Wilkinson and Vukona who
both had solid games.

To shot a stunning 56% from the floor, sent a strong
message to the rest of the league, that we may of
lost a star this season in Kirk Penny but we have
a whole team of players stepping up.

What got me about the games was, they looked like
a team that was getting ready for the playoffs, a team
that had played for months, they weren't rusty at
all, they must of done a hell of a lot of work in
the off season.

Back to Back titles???

Time will tell.

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