Monday, October 31, 2011

Phil Goff Debate Disaster

The first debate between Labour Leader Phil Goff and
Prime Minister John Key took place tonight, and Phil
Goff made some huge tactical mistakes.

He had to lose his wimpy image while sticking to the
issues, he went about it the wrong way. In interviews
before this debate, he said he wont play the person
but he will stick to labour policies.

He did the opposite, every time Prime Minister John
Key talked, Goff interrupted him and attacked him and
National. Key remained cool and calm thruout, and gave
out stats and hard data for his view point.

One may even say, Key Played Goff perfectly, he went
fishing, Goff bit, and Key reeled him in with calm answers.

I'm not a political person, but Key's ideas seem better,
and Goff came across as old Labour.

It wasn't a huge knockout, 60-40 to Key I would say,
but it could of been a lot better for the people of
New Zealand if Goff had of known, how to debate.

He doesn't.

Round one to National.

They are looking like a two term Government.

Time will tell.

Jesse Ryder Injured Again

Seriously Jesse?

Your injured again?? This time a right calf strain?

Do you think that perhaps if you actually trained during
the off season instead of eating a ton of McNuggets.
you might of avoided injury.

Shame on NewZealand cricket, for offering this guy
a contract, shame on New Zealand cricket for
giving  Ryder so many one last chances.

Also shame on the public for thinking it's  a bit of
a laugh having an out of shape sportsperson in
our national team.

I'm kinda guessing Ryder will be injured for a long time,
then when the ICL comes around, he will be fit again, and
will ask NZ Cricket for another contract.

He doesn't deserve one.

Lets hope he has played his last match for his country.

Time will tell.

NBA No Full Season BUT...

There won't be a full regular 82 game season, BUT
there will be an NBA season, players, owners, and
the NBA itself are ready to sign on the dotted line, after
123 days of negotiation.

Basketball fans can rejoice and  an announcement will be
made this week with the season starting in December.
How's that for a Christmas present to global sporting

The season may be a sixty game season, which means
not a long on harm has been done to the world's second
most popular sport.

Again, I cannot wait, the players must be itching to get
back into action, I know the fans are!!!!

Roll on December!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


The 2011/2012 NBA season is to be saved. A deal is about
to be reached, this means the season will go ahead.

Dirk has reason to be happy and so do all the rest of the
International stars of Basketball in the world's second most
 popular sport.

With the Olympics coming up next year also, it will be great
that the players will get to play in the league in the world as
a buildup.

With now over 100 international players in the NBA this
comp has a truly global reach, that other sports outside
Football can only dream about.

So get ready for King Lebron and Dirk, get ready for the
most alethic sports stars on the planet. The NBA is back.

The announcement should be made on Thursday/Friday.

I love this game!

Johnny Depp gives Ricky Gervais a piece of his mind

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Catherine Tate joins "The Office"

Every fan of The Office has had their worse
fears realized, with the news today that Catherine
Tate will be joining the cast of the office.

Catherine Tate is a British stand up comedian
who appeared in last season's finale, thankfully
at that point the producers of the Office, didn't
hire her for the Ceo role, now played by the
brilliant James Spader as Robert California.

But  executive producer Paul Liberstein, who also
plays Toby, in what has to be regarded as the
biggest Toby move in history has asked her to
join the cast, can you imagine what Michael
Scott will be saying right now!!!

Tate may be funny in a stand up situation, but her
forced lines, her Z grade attemps to be a
Michael Scott, comes off as annoying rather
than "funny annoying"

What the hell has gone wrong with the American
Office now. I thought there was hope, Ed Helms's Andy
Bernard was a great choice to become new
office manager, and with Spader's California as
the CEO, the show couldn't miss.

Unfortunately  two things have now gone wrong,
the Character of Jim has gone from the fun pranking
Jim to a sociopathic bully,  his pranks aren't funny
he just comes across as a smug jerk and you find
yourself cheering for Dwight.

I pray that Catherine Tate's role in the show
 isn't massive, because she will destroy it,
she could kill it, she could bring it down.

The Office didn't need her, the supporting cast, Kevin,
Creed, Angela, Oscar, Meredith  Phillis,  Gabe
could of kept this thing running, while the writers
 sort out the Jim Issue.

Instead they have gone with her, and I'm kinda
guessing this could be the last season of the

I hope I'm wrong.

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modern Family: "Go Bullfrogs" Review

Modern Family just gets better and better and better.

Tonight's episode was titled "Go Bullfrogs" and revolved
around Phil taking Haley to visit his Alma mater and
other colleges. The side stories were Claire going
out with Mitch and Cam on a boys night out and
Gloria and Jay worried about how fast Manny is
growing up.

It's amazing how this show is funnier and funnier as
each episode goes on, and for me, it's Phil that
makes this show, he is the heart and soul of it,
his interaction with his kid is spot on, and a
big hats off to the child actors who unlike
other Tv programmes, are the age that they
are playing, and this is one of the reasons
Modern Family works.

Highlights of tonight's episode were Phil
high fiving someone then Haley told him
he's just shielding his eyes from the sun,
Phil dancing with the cheerleaders and his
interaction with Haley.

Jay's "It's Spanish for big hair and yelling" line
had me in stitches. Also Cam's  "Pick a
side of the room lady" will go down as
a classic.

Manny trying to make himself taller was
more thrown in there, but I did like Jay
ending up liking the Spanish show.

Claire was good, you had to feel sorry for her,
although I thought she may of guessed the
guy was straight.

Mitch and Cam were their usual funny themselves,
the part when the car got attacked seemed more
scary than funny at one moment.

This episode though belonged to Phil and Haley,
again the tender and funny moment near the end
is what makes Modern Family, real and special,
he is the poster child for what all dads should be
like with their daughters.

For myself, I hope they never lose this aspect of the

Ten out of Ten.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why an All Blacks win would Kill New Zealand Sport

(The All Blacks are the nickname of New Zealand's
National Rugby team)

If the All Blacks win the Rugby World Cup, the country
will celebrate like crazy, we will be happy for months
and months on end, and New Zealanders
deserve to celebrate after the year we have had.

In saying this though, in the long run an All Blacks
victory will kill New Zealand sport, it will be the
death of sport in this country and we will never

Rugby is our national sport, which is good if your
a rugby fan, but unlike other countries national sports,
Rugby has a habit of walking all over every other sport
to a point where if you say you like another sport over
Rugby, or don't follow the All Blacks that closely, you
are likely to be physically assaulted.

We have always been told wrongly, that the All Blacks
are loved thru out the world and even last night, Mark
Watson made  one of the most factually incorrect statements
yet, by saying the All Blacks are the greatest team in
the history of world sport, a bold thing to say considering
90% of the world has never heard of the All Blacks.

But lets get back to the death of New Zealand sport,
the media, the likes of Brendan Telfer and Andrew
Saville for some reason tell the NewZealand public
that these All Blacks have the speed of world class
sprinters, could change codes (not just rugby league)
and fit into any other national team.

What an insult to our track and field runners, our
Basketballers, our footballers, that thanks to the
media, the public think just because someone is
an All Black they must be better at anything that
any other sports person does.

You could walk down the street and ask
100 people who are faster?, The All Blacks
or the New Zealand four by 100 relay team
and I'm guessing 95% of people would say
The All Blacks, you could ask any NewZealander
could the All Blacks make the NFL and they
would answer yes, heck you could ask them
could the All Blacks make the NBA and they
would answer yes.

What an insult this is to the New Zealanders
who actually played Basketball and American
Football and have made the NFL and NBA and what a insult
to our track team.

Take a look, when overseas sports stars come
to New Zealand, the first thing the media asks
them is "What do you think of the All Blacks?"

Take a look at the history of our country, kids
getting the cane at school  because they want to play
Rugby league or Soccer instead of Rugby Union.

This is where we are at now and always have
been, if we win the 2011 world cup, it will be
a thousand times worse, and it will kill NewZealand

Funding for sports deemed to be in competition with
Rugby Union, (Basketball, Football, Rugby League,
Track and Field, Swimming) will be cut by Sparc.

Schools will only pour money into Rugby Union,
no other kid no matter how talented will get a look
in, and generations of sporting talent will be lost.

The media will again try to totally ignore achievements
by other codes, and it will  be continue to be drummed into
us that the All Blacks could make the switch to any sport
and be better.

There will be be meetings with  media giants that they
arent to focus on any sport that could take public
attention away, less and less sports will be covered,
thus  sport will die a slow and painful death.

Every sponsor will try and align with the sport
of Rugby Union and the money will dry up.

If an  All Black has a brush with the law,
it will be swept under carpet, if a player from
another code's has a  brush with the law, he will be called
a villain.

Like I said this is happening now, but if The All
Blacks win the Rugby World Cup, this will
increase to such a level that sport in this
country will die, and it will only be the All
Blacks that will ever get any sort of praise
or coverage or sponsorship that is needed
to keep a sport alive.

At the beginning of this post, I said an All
Blacks victory will be great for the country
after the shocking year NewZealand has
had, it will make people happy and give
people some wonderful memories, it's
just too bad it comes with a much heavier

The death of sport in New Zealand.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What would Scooby do?

I'm breaking a golden rule here, and writing
about a wee incident that happened. So there
I was walking my dog in a park, that in a few
weeks wont be a park anymore, it will be a
new sewer system. This park has also become
a dumping ground for the city's liquefaction, it's
some nasty stuff, which is best not breathed in.

Anyway, I was txting away, while walking my dog
on a lead, (this park says you have to have your dog
on a lead BTW) when this rather little yapping dog
which wasn't on a lead ran over to say hi, this dog
then ran off to play in the liquefaction, a couple of
minutes later I saw a couple of kids playing in the

Well I thought it's not my place to say anything to
the lady with the dog and the kids,  even though
her kids were putting their health at risk by
playing in the liquefaction and her dog was all
over the place, so I walked on.

I heard a  very aggressive scream, I turned around and
 she said to me "Hey you, are you going to pick up your
dog's mess, it will make it a better experience for all of

Now it wasn't what she said, but the way she said it, in
a manner that she had some sort of superiority complex.
I wanted to say "Your dog is suppose to be on a lead
and your not suppose to let your kids play in liquefaction"

Having no backbone I didn't  and just said, "sure" and walked

Now who was wrong or right, is not the point.

What I would like to know is, why do some people feel
 the need to share their opinion with me? I mean people
 I don't know telling me their opinion, have they got nothing
better to do with their day? Are they lacking something?
 Or is it me?

I would get ripped into for saying this, if people
actually commented on my blog, but why is it
always the same, the people who have to give me
their opinion on something is always Middle aged

I may not be doing anything bad, not swearing, not
being a jerk, just going about my daily business, but
it's a common occurrence, that middle aged woman
who don't me have to give me their opinion.

Can someone tell me Why?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is Jim Halpert a Sociopath?

Is Jim Halpert a Sociopath?

That is the question I'm asking myself, after the latest
episode of the Office.

Have the writers being leading us to believe, that he is
just this nice guy slacker who loves pulling pranks on
his fellow coworkers, only to fool us sometime in  the
future with an episode that will shock.

If so, they are taking their time because The Office has
been going on  for eight seasons.

Take a look at Jim's behavior thruout the years, he started
playing pranks on Dwight, if Dwight did something he
deemed to be stupid, he then played  pranks to
impress Pam, now that he has his family and is happy
with his lot in life , he still seems to be trying to make life
hell for his fellow coworkers.

So what is the  behavior of a sociopath?

Well according to the Statistical manual of disorders,
a Sociopath has these traits.

Pervasive pattern of disregard for and violation of
the rights of others.

Failure to conform to social norms.

Deception or conning others for pleasure.

Consistent irresponsibility at work.

A Lack of remorse.

Does this sound like anyone to you? To me it
sums up Jim Halpert.

Take a look over the years his treatment of Dwight
for his own enjoyment. From hiding his desk  in a
bathroom, from locking him into his own workspace,
paying coworkers to call him another name, stealing
his personal property, staring, physical assaults, the
list goes on and on.

This current season he is even starting to undermine
Andy in office meetings, there is a constant harassment
of anyone he deems to be inferior or not doing a good

The Garden Party episode was awful, when Andy set up a
Garden Party to impress his parents, and his new
boss Robert California, he hired Dwight to run it,
when Jim Halpert found this out, the lengths he
went to was absurd, he wrote a book, published
one copy, sold it to Dwight under another name,
just so he could laugh at Dwight as Dwight did
all the wrong things.

Jim didn't think how it would  ruin Andy's party or Dwight's
business, he only thought of his own pleasure, and
isn't that what a sociopath does???

Don't get me wrong, I loved the early Jim, I laughed
and cried when he finally got together with Pam, but
lately, Im changing my mind about him, maybe it
started when Pam had her first kid, and Jim was
at a happy and content place, so there should be
no need to give it to his coworkers?

I hope the writers of The Office are going somewhere
this, I hope they are trying to show the viewers a
pattern of behavior, that even though we are suppose
to love Jim as a prankster, what he is doing is actually
wrong and maybe just maybe they will do an episode
where they will truly shock every office fan.

It would make for great television and go down
in history, I only hope the writers have the courage
to do it, but I anit holding my breath.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Office: "Garden Party" Review

The latest episode of the Office, "Garden Party"
may of been an Andy episode as he tried to impress
his boss and his parents, but once again, I was left
with the feeling of how much I now dislike Jim Halpert.

For six seasons and most of the seventh season, I cheered
him on with his war with Dwight, thinking Dwight deserved
it, but now I feel sorry for Dwight and I'm actually thinking
that is he a victim of Jim's bullying.

I'm not sure if this is a long term plan or a injoke with the writers,
but as the viewers, are we suppose to turn against Jim?

Jim going to the trouble to write a book about
Garden parties  was actually cruel  and it wasn't a case
of Jim trying to make Pam laugh or teach him a
lesson, it was a case of harassment, he didnt
even think how this would effect Andy's party,  I can only
hope that they are going somewhere with this,
because they need to for the sake of the Jim/Dwight
storyline, if they want to tell the viewer what a great
guy Jim is, well this is the wrong way to go about it.

Anyway back to the episode itself, it was great to
see them out of the office environment, and this episode
showed the kindness and tryhard attitude of the Nard dog,
I always thought Andy should play a bigger role and it
seems like he is going to, the rest of the cast didn't have
much to do, apart from a few liners and a few scenes
although those scenes were classic, the billboards getting defaced,
Gabe's reaction to Andy stealing his idea, Kevin putting his
fingers to the waiters face, poor Toby having his card driven
through the corn field, Dwight's little dance.

James Spader's Robert California once again gave an
amazing speech which made me think of Boston Legal.

It was great to see at the end of the episode, Darryl and
Oscar offering Andy a beer and burger to make up for
his awful day.

All in All it was better than last week, and hopefully the
rest of the season will get better and better.

Time will tell.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hey Telfer it's been 3 years, where's my answer?

It's been  around three years since I put a question
to Brendan Telfer, and I'm still waiting for an answer, I've tried
everything, contacting radio sport, letters to newspapers,
contacting TVNZ and Sky, contacting any news
organization he has belong to, contacting other
journos he has worked with, I even joined up
to his facebook page, "The Brendan Telfer Experience"

On his facebook page, I had a long conversation
with his editor and ask my question several times,
the editor avoided the question like the plague,
and basically stated well it's Brendan opinion.

I thought that was a cop out, I know it's his
opinion, that is why I asked the question, but
the question has never been answered and it's
been three years, so I will ask it one last time,
I just hope Brendan has the integrity as a
Journalist to finally answer.

"Brendan you stated after the Kiwis won the
League World Cup  and I quote "The Rugby
League World Cup is Worthless" and that
is why you wouldn't vote for them to be
nominated for a Halberg.

Yet you voted for the Silver Ferns a
few years back and they won it.

Isn't that Hypocritical of you, since Netball
and Rugby League are similar  in size globally,
and also why haven't you ever called The Netball
World Champs worthless because of their size like
you did with Rugby League?

I anit holding my breath for an answer.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

NBA Season Loses Two Weeks

David Stern did the only thing he could do. He has
canceled the first two weeks of the new NBA season.

Negotiations are actually making headway, but there
was no way that the season could of started on time,
the Basketball wouldn't be on level expected from one
of the most watched sports comps on the face of the

Now the serious business of saving the season can get
underway, with no worries about the early November

I will make a prediction that the season will be saved
with only two weeks lost,  the players and the owners
and the NBA will get what they want.

Most importantly so will the fans.

Roll on the new season.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Breakers Win

The New Zealand Breakers have won back
to back matches on the road to start off the
Australian NBL in perfect fashion, going to
2-0 in the opening weekend.

If anyone thought the NZ Breakers would
struggle without Kirk Penny, well they will
be changing their minds after a complete
team performance.

Last night's victory over the Hawkes, showed
they play a complete team game, with CJ Burton
banging in threes at all the right moments, American
import Cedric Jackson top scoring with 28 points
being supported by Wilkinson and Vukona who
both had solid games.

To shot a stunning 56% from the floor, sent a strong
message to the rest of the league, that we may of
lost a star this season in Kirk Penny but we have
a whole team of players stepping up.

What got me about the games was, they looked like
a team that was getting ready for the playoffs, a team
that had played for months, they weren't rusty at
all, they must of done a hell of a lot of work in
the off season.

Back to Back titles???

Time will tell.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Corey Jane Caught Drinking and Smoking

New Zealand All Black, Corey Jane has been
caught drinking heavily and smoking in a bar
just three days out from the quarterfinal against
Argentina at the rugby world cup he was with
fellow All Black Israel Dagg

Too me this sums up how far behind the rest
of the professional sporting world Rugby is.

The media cannot wash their hands of this, and
I'm not writing this from any moral stance on
drinking and smoking, I'm writing this because I
know what other sporting codes go through.

Take Sean Marks's career as an NBA player,
he was a bench player for the Spurs, he got
maybe a half dozen minutes a game at his peak,
during the NBA finals series, when he wasnt needed
as a player but just a squad member, he spent every
possible minute trying to get his team the championship
ring, there is no way in hell three days out from a
playoff game he would be drinking and smoking.

I'm kinda guessing the New Zealand media is
going through their usual BS, saying it does
no harm and that Colin Meads did it after  a
days work on the farm.

Well I'm sorry but Colin Meads played an amateur
sport in the 1960's, where you could of gotten away
with it.

It's the year 2011 and the average NZ sporting fan
(thanks to our media) is so behind the times, they
probably think it's okay that professional sports players
 drink and smoke before a big event, but it anit.

Sport science is multi billion dollar industry for a
reason, the top global sports in the world uses
sport scientists because they know the difference
they can make in performance.

Rugby in New Zealand has shown how far behind
they really are, and how much they have to catch
up to the professionalism of the NBA and NFL
and the top swimmers and rowers of the world,
it's too bad our media will never tell you this, and
its sad that the public still think a few beers or
cigarettes will never hurt you before a game, well
it can make the difference between winning and
losing, it seems someone forgot to tell the All
Blacks this.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Office Lotto Review

This week episode of the Office was called Lotto and
revolved around Darryl's former warehouse buddies,
winning the lottery, thus making the now office worker
Darryl depressed. The show had it's moment's with
Ryan's little Chat with Pam being a highlight.

The focus though was really on Andy Bernard and
the speech he gave to Darryl to help him come
out of his depression and not quite, and the line of
the night came from Darryl when he said  "My future
is determined by six little white balls, but by two big
black ones"

Again the only low point from tonight's office, comes
from Jim, getting one over on Dwight, this gets old
rather quickly and I find myself cheering for Dwight
and not Jim how you are suppose to.

Hopefully the Office will continue to get funnier and
funnier and let us also hope that Robert California
will be back next week.

Time will tell.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Funny Rio Ferdinand and Will Carling Video

Man United Football legend talks to Will 
Carling about England's Rugby chances.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs Dies

The founder of Apple, and former CEO, Steve Jobs has
lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56.

Steve Jobs changed the way the world communicates, he
and his company was always the leader always trying
news things and always doing it for the right reasons.

He had a heart and soul, and will be missed.

Thoughts to his friends and family, may he rest
in peace.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dave And Busters is one Person's favorite thing

Dave and Buster's won the latest poll, of your
favorite thing from the list, maybe because I voted
for it and no one else voted at all!!!!

But how can you not like Dave and Busters? A
Restaurant for the hungry, a Bar for the thirsty and
arcade games and prizes for the kids.

So if anyone from Dave and Busters is reading this,
how about taking a Franchise down to New Zealand?

My fingers are Toes are crossed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Netball the Worst Thing For Woman's Sport in NewZealand

Without a doubt the worst thing to happen to
Woman's sport in New Zealand is the sport
of Netball and The Silver Ferns are the very
worst thing to happen to sport for females.

For those people outside of New Zealand who
read this blog, Netball is a watered down
version of Basketball, that is huge in New
Zealand  and is 99% played by females.

It must be so frustrating if your a female and you
want to take up a sport, that Netball is your
first option thru the schools system.

It is so frustrating that if your a female
sportperson in this country you will
have to play Netball to get any sort
of decent coverage for your achievements.

Countless of cases through out the schools
of young girls wanting to play Basketball
or Football, or take up Track and Field
or Swimming, only to be told, no you have
to play Netball.

Never has a sport had such a Superiority
complex than Netball has, they really
believe their sport should have rights
over all others, and that attitude has been
hurting other female sports.

Yet if you bring this up, they can always
use the catch phrase of "Your just
saying this, because it's woman's sport"
which of course is utter BS.

Countless of sporting achievements by female
sports people, such as Sophia Baker, Martine
Puketapu,Natalie Taylor to name but a few, go
unnoticed because of the Journalistic Whores
in our media.

Lets get one thing straight, Netball is the most
insignificant non existent sport on the planet.
Nobody but New Zealand cares about it, in
Australia our so called arch rivals, Woman's
Basketball is taken far more seriously, but if
you listened to our media you wouldn't
believe it.

It's a shame, that sports such as Football,
Basketball, Swimming, Track and Field
and Volleyball are missing out on some
female stars because of the the Journalistic
Rape committed by Brendan Telfer and
Joseph Ramanos.

It's good for them to keep Netball in the
spotlight, they can say they are doing their
job, by promoting woman's sport, but they
aren't promoting it, they are killing it, by putting
this in the spotlight above our other international
female sporting teams.

New Zealanders may find this hard to swallow,
but you could teach a College girls Basketball team
anywhere on the planet the rules of Netball and
within two months they would thrash the Silver
Ferns by 50 points.

But don't expect to hear that from our media.

Hank Williams Jnr's Obama Comments

Hank Williams Jnr is an Idiot, he has now been dropped
from Monday Night Football, because on Fox News he
compared President Obama to Hitler.

What a freakin idiot,  Hank Williams Jnr looked liked
he was drunk during the interview and even the Fox and
Friends interviewers looked embarrassed.

This is why country music needs people like Garth
Brooks to come out of retirement, someone the
industry can be proud of, and the industry does
have many great artists, who don't  have
bigoted views or who aren't downright stupid.

Unfortunately, its the Hanks of this world that
get in the media.

Here's hoping in the future it will be the Garth's and
the Trisha's that we will hear from.

Stunning Kiwi Victory

New Zealand sport has had one of its golden moments,
our under 17 woman's football team has caused a major
upset by beating Australia 2-1. It was the first test in a
three test series.

This victory cannot underestimated, (well it has been by the
likes of Brendan Telfer and our media.) To get a victory
over Australia at any level of football and for one of our
woman's team to do this, is worthy of a Halberg.

So well done to them, and here's hoping they can go one
better and win the series, then maybe just maybe people
will start to take notice of this team.

NBA LOCK OUT Set to end??

Tomorrow is D day for the NBA, this never ending
Lockout, and just one month to the start of the
season, have Basketball fans on tenderhooks.

So Tomorrow is the day, when we will probably
be told if the toughest Basketball League on the
Planet will go ahead.

Although some  International Basketball fans may be hoping
that the season is canceled so their teams will have a
shot in signing up some NBA players, this will be a
blackeye for Basketball.

Although when you are the second most popular team
sport in the world, you can come back from this, lets
just hope the sport doesn't have to.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dan Carter is not dying

Dan Carter is not dying.

Dan Carter doesn't have cancer.

Dan Carter doesn't have a disease that can kill him.

Dan Carter  has a groin injury.

It's not a tragic event.

It's not something that needs to be followed 24/7
by the media.

Dan Carter may be one heck of a nice guy, I don't
know I have never meet him.

The media though is going over the top with
their coverage here, interviewing all that
know him, reporters close to tears.

Again to the the likes of Brendan Telfer and
the country, he has a Groin injury, we don't
have to go into mourning, I'm sure Dan isn't.

Cardiac Cardinals Lose Again

What is wrong with this team, havent they learned
anything fro the mid-late 90's, how can you keep 
losing close matches, with different coaching staff,
with different players, there have been so many seasons
when the cards could of gone 10-6, but instead have gone
4-12, well they now sit at a pathetic 1-3, with no playoffs
in site.

How the heck do you blow a ten point lead with possession
and only a few minutes left on the clock?

GRRRR, The Tall Blacks lose to Aussie, The Blackcaps
dont win, The warriors lost the grand final, there might
be an NBA Lock out, what other sports can I follow?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Warriors Lose NRL Grand Final

The Warriors have lost the NRL Grand Final. What
can one say after one of your favorite sporting teams
lose the grand final.

Missed tackles, giving away penalties, not reading
the game, poor kicking, poor choices, poor completion
rate, not playing well for the first 64 minutes, getting beaten by a
better team.

Still there were moments of brilliance.

The young players played with heart, and they
have shown they are a finals team, that can
play exciting football.

One day we will win a grand final.

Roll on next season.

Go the Warriors!!

Half Time Warriors GRRRRR!!!

Missed tackles, giving away penalties at the wrong time,
not reading the game, not really the game to be making
mistakes, I mean its the grand final.

Still they are trying their hearts out and its been a great

It will be a miracle if we come back in the second

Toby Keith Supports Gay Marriage

Congrats to Toby Keith for coming out and saying
he supports gay marriage, and that it shouldn't be
an issue if two people of the same sex want to get

He has also supported gay people's right to serve in
the military.

Hats off to Toby Keith!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go The Warriors

One sleeping night to go until the Warriors grand final
game against Manly, here's hoping it's one sleeping
night until History.

I wonder if the players are as nervous as I am.

I cant stand the tension, please Manu don't drop the ball,
just catch and run, and Locke please do your magic.

This could be a great day for New Zealand sport, just
one thing left to say.


Jim Henson is Everywhere

The late great Jim Henson is everywhere, he would of
turned 75 years old last saturday, and if he still was
alive, he would of loved how his creations is still
loved all over the world,  and how much those
Muppets mean to people.

His son has kept his legacy alive, with the
upcoming Muppets movie set to screen this
year, and countless unseen Muppet moments
are also due for release, plus the historic
A tale of sand.

Who on the planet hasn't heard of Kermit the
Frog or Fozzie bear and Miss Piggy, who
doesn't like the Swedish Chef or the
song rainbow connection.

Jim Henson should be celebrated and
honored, his son has been doing great
work to keep the Muppets alive for
generations to come.

Here's hoping it will continue.

Is Jim Halpert a Bully?

The past two seasons of The Office, I have noticed a
change in Jim Halpert. For six seasons I cheered him
on with his pranks on Dwight, but in season seven and
the first two episodes of this season, I'm starting to change
my mind about Jim Halpert.

His pranks on Dwight, (which was basically done to make
Pam laugh) got a bit repetitive and I started to think, wow
I wouldn't want to work with someone like Jim, he is
actually not the nice guy he is suppose to be, he's  a
jerk who pisses people off for his own amusement.

The second episode of the eighth season confirmed this
for me, (despite the scene later in the episode outside the
tattoo parlour) Jim was cruel to Andy Bernard, when he
was trying to do his speech and struggling, Jim could
of helped out but Jim pushed and pushed to make a
more awkward situation for Andy worse.

There was no need for this, there has been no
rivalry between Andy and Jim, so I'm not if
the writers are slowly trying to turn Jim into
a bad guy, or if it's some sort of in joke between
the writers, or if it's just me, but Jim is no longer
funny, he justs comes across as the class clown
who has to rely on cruel pranks to get a laugh.

Here's hoping the writers give us the old Jim

What is wrong with Louisa Wall?

What is wrong with Louisa Wall?

Louisa Wall is another Labour MP who has knocked
the Mad Butcher simply for his support of John Key.

Louisa has stated she wont support any business owner
who votes for National.

That is crazy, is Louisa going to ask every business owner
who they vote for before she walks into their store??

It's morally wrong , to not frequent a business
because they have a different ideology to yourself.

If this is the best labour has got, it's no wonder this
election is going to be a landslide.