Sunday, September 4, 2011

Why is Modern Family so Good?

Why is Modern family so good?

Is it because it takes the meaning of a traditional family
and turns it on his head? Is it the writing? Is it that it
makes fun of the perceived stereotypes? Is it the talented
of all the cast members?

The answer might slightly be yes to all those questions, but the
real reason is Ty Burrell.

Ty Burrell plays real estate agent Phil  and husband to Claire and
Dad to Luke, Haley and Alex. A man who thinks hes slightly cooler
than he is, a man with insecurities, a man who constantly tries to bond
with his kids in a child like way.

He is the character in the show that you are suppose to
relate, like Tim and Jim in the British and American Office, he
is the one that you want to well.

Here's hoping the writers will be kind to him this season, because
despite other actors having more star power, he makes this show,
just hoping he will finally fix those stairs!

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