Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why I Wont Follow the Rugby World Cup

I wont be following the cup at all, because of how other sports
 get screwed by Rugby Union in this country, for example the
Tall Blacks losing home court advantage for the Olympic qualifying
 series,  because the media didn't have enough cameras to film the
 games because of the world cup.

Home court advantage in Basketball is huge, and for the
Tall Blacks to maybe miss out on the Olympics
because of this, is disgusting.

Secondly, I don't like the exaggeration of how popular the game is
outside our country, the world wont be watching, Dan Carter is
not worshipped by woman outside our country, Corey Jane's twitter
account is not followed by millions, Tha All Blacks arent that well
known outside our country, I repeat, the All Blacks aren't world

 I also don't think its good journalism  that reporters such
as Craig Stanaway always has to put a Rugby Reference
into non rugby stories.

Then there is the knocking of other sports that seems to be unique
to Rugby Fans, they don't seem to like other sports at all, try
being a warriors fan in Christchurch! Try liking soccer, try
suggesting that our track and field stars are actually faster
than the fasteest rugby player, you would be jumped on
and abused by Rugby fans.

Anyway, even though I won't follow it, I hope we win for
the sake of the country's happiness, and those of
us in Christchurch who could use some good news.

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