Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I Like America

After I posted the Alan Jackson video for the tenth
anniversary of 9/11, I got a message on another
board, asking why am I only honoring American
victims of terrorism.

Well the whole point of my post was to honor the
victims of 9/11.

But it got me thinking, why do I like Americans?
Well I have American relatives for a start, and
I have worked with Americans in New Zealand,
and in my eight visits to America, I found them to
be a sincere, polite and helpful people.

IMHO they are the type of people who will give
you the shirt of their back, they will think nothing of
lending a hand, they are welcoming of people, and
are eager to learn about anyone who is visiting from
another country.

I never once heard an American make a smartass remark
when I'm there about my accent or the country that I'm from.
I never once had an American make fun of the music that I
follow, I never once had an American have an issue with the
fact that I don't drink. I never once had an American have
a problem with what sport I follow.

So in my experiences, they are a fun loving, welcoming, and
most of all, excepting people.

So I'm not going to say sorry for liking America, I'm not going
to say sorry for posting an Alan Jackson video.

Americans shouldn't have to say sorry for being Americans either.

Just my thoughts.

Now excuse me, I have to go now

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