Friday, September 9, 2011


What a way to start the season, not just the Pack, but
for the whole NFL.

Aaron Rodgers was breathtaking in his performance,
he threw when it mattered most and his numbers proved
it.  27/35 for 312 yards and three touchdowns, if you
were his coach, you will be giving him an extra pat on
the back.

When you scored touchdowns on four of your first five
possessions you win the game, sure it got tense in the end,
but the pack hold on against a Saints team, who's own
quaterback,   Brees was firing 32/49 419 yards,
 for three touchdowns.

But it was Rodgers who controlled things, and the Pack
ended the win to go 1-0 and should be well pleased,
along with the rabid fans.

If the rest of the games in round one  are like this and if
the rest of the season is like this, well we are in for
one hell of a season.

Fingers are crossed!

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