Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I want from Garth Brooks in 2014

Garth Brooks will come out of retirement in
in 2014, he will do a full tour and new studio
album, he will end his one man show at the Wynn
in Vegas.

As a life long fan what do I want from Garth Brooks
in 2014, it's quite easy, I want him to enjoy himself
with his music and his live show, I don't want him to go
deep and sing about the situation in Libya, I also don't
want him just to go in a studio and phone in some quirky
fun songs, I hope he works on a album that is suited to
his age and shows where he is in his life and how is
life has changed since his daughters have left home.

In terms of his life show, I just want him to go out
and have some fun as only Garth Brooks can, this
part of his career will basically be his end part, it will
last over a decade I guess, he will sell millions and
play to millions more and at the end of it, he will
have a career that country music and he and his
fans can be proud of.

It will be hard to top The Dance and Friends in
Low Places but he will have a heck of a time

Roll on 2014.

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