Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Australians are watching Friday Night

Take a long good look, Martin Snedden, take a long
good look Brendan Telfer, take a long good look Craig
Stanaway, take a long good look New Zealand sporting
Media, while the rest of Australia is watching the NRL
playoffs, the non League fans wont be tuning into the
RWC, why because Network TV has decided their
is not a lot of interest in it, so Andrew Saville might
be saying  "The Whole world is watching", the truth is
not even our nearest neighbours will be.

I hope people have a great time during the RWC, if we
win it will mean a lot to Christchurch, but please oh please
could the media stop lying to the public and stop telling
us kiwis that the whole world will be watching, it anit
happening Saville and you lose all credibility as  a
Journalist for repeating this.

I can only hope one day that the media in NewZealand will
be able to report on these events open and honesty and
still show what a great time kiwis are having, even though
the world might not be interested, it doesn't deflect from
the party.

Someone forgot to tell TVNZ though.


Anonymous said...

They're watching in France and Britain and Japan, though---big time.

Could you tell us why you resent and hate football so deeply?

Brett Dale said...

Actually they are watching baseball in Japan.