Friday, September 23, 2011

Wellington Phoenix Saved!

Well done to the Phoenix their place in the
Australian A League is secure. Thanks to a
group of seven business men who will overtake
the running of the club from Terry Serepisos.

A big thank you has to be given to Terry
Serepisos for saving the Phoenix, and  we can
only hope he can sort out his financial troubles
because he has done a hell of a lot for New
Zealand football.

So here we are, New Zealand has it's own
professional football club playing in the
Australian League. This is so important
for New Zealand Football and New Zealand
sport, if they were to falter, then it might
as well been, bye bye to football in
New Zealand.

Thankfully the Phoenix are alive and well, and
in about a month's time, the shirts will be off
the crowd will be singing and hopefully the
strikers will be scoring.

Time will tell.

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