Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Warriors Will Win

The New Zealand Warriors will win the NRL grand final,
if it does four things.

They have to play Warrior style, against any other team,
I would say they would have to be more disciplined, but
that is Manly's game, so  they should revert to throwing
around a bit, but not in their own half.

They need to be coached good, Clearly has to make
changes quickly if a player is having an off day, he
seems to be loyal to the players on the field.

The stars have to shine, Manu and Locke have
to play like its their last ever game, and they
have to do the unexpected.

They need to be in the ears of the ref's and
linesman, Manly is a dirty team, and the Ref's
and linesmen are going to be bias against the
Warrior's because simply they are a New Zealand
team, the players need to show, that we wont
take that BS on the grand final stage.

If all this happens, then the Warriors will win the
grand final.

Fingers and Toes are crossed.

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