Sunday, September 4, 2011

Warriors to Face Broncos

In a match that will be watched by league fans around
the country, the Warriors will try and give Ivan Clearly
a nice going away present.

It's one thing to make the playoffs, but it's another to
progress further in them, and that has to be the goal
of the New Zealand Warriors.

As a sporting fan, I'm happy if my team makes the playoffs
but surly I should want more???

Hopefully the game against the Broncos will give me more, it's
not quite a sudden death game, we have a life if seventh and
eighth place team losses.

But can we win, well one word, Manu, yes it's all up to Manu,
big games depend on big name players. Have a look at the
Heat versus Mavericks NBA Finals series this year, it was
Lebron James versus Dirk Nowitzki and it was the big
German who came up trumps, we can only hope next week
it will be the big Warrior that will come up trumps.

Fingers are crossed.

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