Monday, September 12, 2011

USA Deserves Our Sympathy

I find it strange that some people find it hard to give
the USA sympathy over the tragic events of 9/11.

They either ignore it completely or come up with
conspiracy theories.

There is a left wing Feminist blog in New Zealand
that I go to that i love called the hand mirror,  I have
so much respect the views of it's main writer Julie,
unfortunately some other writers disappoint me.

One such writer did a piece on the tenth anniversary
of 9/11, she spent about 12 paragraphs asking and
explaining why don't we give as much as coverage
to other tragic events.

IMHO 9/11 is about 9/11 and the anniversary of it belongs
to the victims and their families. Lets hope it remains that way.

(Ms Rahman has now explained her stance to me and this post
has been edited)

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