Thursday, September 22, 2011

They Make Great Parents

Here is my answer, thanks to the good people
of DU, to the most bigoted, hateful statement, that
is doing the rounds of politicians around the world.

You see there is still some people that are against
gay marriage, I cannot see why, but there are, and
over the past few weeks, politicans from three different
countries, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, have
said this awful statement.

Two dads don't make a mum.

How sick in the head are these people, what makes
a mum? Well I will tell you, its not the gender of the
mum, its the caring  qualities of a human being.

How dare these politicians say something just to
gain votes from bigoted people.

Lets hope the voters of the world stand up to

It will be a great day for the world if we do.

1 comment:

Yashwant Parmar said...

Well, the Bible says we should stone them. To these crazy bastards, simply calling them evil is nice.