Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ten Years and Ten Days from 9/11

It's been ten years and ten days since 9/11.

This post is about the bloggers and the media reaction
to this event.

On the whole, my country New Zealand was great in
paying respect to the victims that fell that day.

As usual there was a small bunch of people on blogs, who
questioned 9/11, and the media coverage given to it.

IMHO The posters at "the standard" were horrible ripping
into people who would dare say, Thoughts and Wishes
with America today, they stated all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Ms Rahman wrote a piece at the brilliant Hand Mirror
site, who's writers, Julie, Suba Nurse, LudditeJourno
I respect.

She listed a bunch of world events from past decades
and asked why these dont recieve the same media attention.

IMHO it seems people have a habit of questioning
 people who want to commemorate something
that happened in the USA, perhaps its because
they are the world's superpower, Im not sure.

(Ms Rahman has now explained her views to me)

If you read this blog, you would know Im pro American,
so 9/11 effected me, and I get a bit sensitive, when America
in my opinion gets knocked.

 I have family members there, I also
commemorate 9/11 because when I have visited
America I found them to be an open and honest
and caring people, I commermorate the USA
because they have been  good friend to
New Zealand.

(This post has now been heavily edited MsRahman is
not a diversity teacher, but as chartered accountant.
My views on her posts are my views and opinions, Im
not stating it as a fact.)


stargazer said...

um, i'm not actually a teacher. and i don't have a problem with you personally commemorating 9/11. never said i did & i don't appreciate you twisting my words like that. go back to the post and you'll see what i actually said was that we should be commemorating other tragedies AS WELL AS 9/11, that we should give equal emphasis to the other ones as well. that we should empathise with all victims, not just one particular kind. my objection was the lack of media coverage of other tragedies in comparison to this one.

it's not surprising i deleted your comments - i can't actually remember them, but if they were anything like the gross misrepresentation i see here, then i have absolutely no doubt that it was completely justified.

finally, i'm sorry if you have been personally affected by this tragedy, just as i'm sorry for the the people of iraq and afghanistan, of the tsunami and of earthquakes around the world, of all innocent people who suffer. perhaps you'll delete this comment, but that doesn't bother me at all - it's your space after all. at least i know that you will have read it & i hope that you might go back and re-read what i actually said in that post and reflect on it.

Brett Dale said...

Yes you may of written "as well as 9/11", but judging by your other posts you seem to have an anti america sentiment.

Why not just write a piece, commentating 9/11 and do a separate post on other tragic events?

Each to their own I suppose.

PS: the only comments I don't allow are spam.

Yashwant Parmar said...

9/11. Tragic. But people were and are way too worked up about it. The memorial is excessive. It's expensive, and it commemorates an event that did little besides anger Americans, scare Americans, give George W. Bush a second term, and got America to waste trillions on defense against guys who no longer have the capability to hit America.

So says the kid who grew up in America.