Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tall Blacks Lose

The New Zealand men's basketball team, known as
the Tall Blacks, because of the colour of their home
uniform has lost to Australia, thus Australia gets an automatic
spot at the Olympics, while New Zealand has to go to
Europe next year to play for one of three spots left.

The New Zealand media cannot wash their hands
of this lost, not for the fact that we lost home court
advantage because we couldnt provide live
television coverage because of the Rugby
World Cup, but because the media didnt
rip into Sky Sport for this, they instead shut
their mouths and said nothing.

Can you imagine, Brendan Telfer saying nothing
if this happened to Netball with the World Champs,
there would be an uproar, but because it was
Basketball our media said nothing.

Shame on you and fuck you the NewZealand media,
you have commited journalistic rape so many times
on sports that you deemed are in competition with
Rugby and now you have succeded, one of
NewZealand's finest sporting teams may miss out
on the Olympics in the second biggest sport in the
world, because you didn't speak up.

You have reached the tipping top, and I think you
have won, and sport in NewZealand will never be the

Shame, Shame, Shame.


Morrissey Breen said...

Chris, has it occurred to you than nobody cares about basketball in this country? Maybe it's the fact that most of the team is sitting on the bench at any one point in a game. Or maybe it's the inescapable monotony of the sport.

This is the kind of wide open action that just kills basketball as a spectacle...

Brett Dale said...

Quite a few people in this country love basketball.