Monday, September 19, 2011

Steve Carrell Must Win

Well, it's Steve Carrell's last chance for a
Emmy, he has left the office and hopefully
the Emmy's will get it right.

Unfortunately he is up against Hollywood's
favorite Alec Baldwin.

Carrell deserves this award for all the hard
work, not just the last season, when things
finally went right for Michael Scott, but for
taking on the role, that was made so famous
in the English version, by Ricky Gervais.

Let's hope the voters wont play politics and
that they will vote for Carrell for best actor.

Also the most interesting category this year
will be best supporting actor in a comedy.

There will be real corruption, and I will never
watch another awards show again if Jon Cryer

No offense to Jon Cryer, but he is up against
the brilliant Chris Colfer from Glee,  the amazing
Ed O'Neill  from Modern family, Eric Stonestreet's
lovable gay parent  also from Modern Family,
and imho the only person who could beat
Chris Colfer, Ty Burrell again from Modern Family.

I hope the voters don't play it safe, and give the award
to Jon Cryer's laugh track performances. I'm sure
the advertisers want them to, but to do so would be
an insult to the work of Colfer and those actors form
Modern family.

Lets hope they show some integrity.

Fingers are crossed.

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