Monday, September 19, 2011

Sir Peter Leitch

Has Sir Peter Leitch ever been NewZealander
of the year? He deserves to be.

Too see this great man, who's been battling cancer,
still devoting his time to the well being of others,
still passionate about his sport of Rugby League and
the Warriors, still wanting people to give, still
wanting the media to focus on the people, was
an inspiration to all.

How can this man, who's had his fair share of
hard knocks, be so brave and be so good, it
bought a tear to my eye.

Let's hope people continue to see what he
does, and copy him, lets hope his might
Warriors team can win, lets hope he
can beat cancer, New Zealand needs
more people like Peter Leitch, heck
the world needs more people like
Peter Leitch.

Good on ya, mate.


Anonymous said...

A great man to almost everyone apart from the scum at The Standard.

Brett Dale said...

Agree, he deserves all the credit he has been given.