Monday, September 26, 2011

Show the Warriors Game

The Warriors have made the grand final, this
is a huge occasion for New Zealand sport, the
whole country is behind them, except the NZRFU.

You see we were told by the bosses of the other code,
that even if you don't like Rugby Union we should get
behind the rugby world cup, because it will be good
for the country and we should all support each

They have now shown their true colors in their
actions of not allowing the Warriors Versus
manly NRL Rugby League grand final to
be shown in RWC fan zone because it's a
different sporting code.

Some may say, fair enough,  but since the
fanzone has been paid for by the TAXPAYER,
then they have no right, it's disgusting, it's wrong,
and it shows the NZRFU's true nature.

Lets hope a  fan zone is set up for the Warriors
because they deserve it.

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