Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Russell Norman and the Greens

Shame on the Green party of New Zealand, and their
co leader Russell Norman. On the anniversary of the
9/11 attacks the Green party decided not to say a word,
not one word of Sympathy from Russell Norman or
Kevin Hague or retiring MP, Keith Locke.

These so called caring Greenies, couldn't even give
it a mention.

IMHO, they are like the extreme bloggers who had to
question why people are giving sympathy to the USA and
not other nations that have tragic events.

The bloggers are hypocrites,  because it's only when it America,
these people start to question it, and they aren't honest with
 themselves, they try to word it ambiguously, but lets face it
 they are just pissed off because people's thoughts and
 wishes are with the USA.

The Green Politician's though are another story, they just close
their eyes and act like it didn't happen.

Well that's what I'm going to do, come election time,
close my eyes where I see their candidate's name and I
will vote for someone else.

That is my form of protest against them.

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