Tuesday, September 20, 2011

People Googling Scarlett Johansson

Ah, the Internet, the world is your oyster, you
can find anything you want to crazy left wing
bloggers, to extreme right wing bloggers.

You can find the latest music, movies and
TV shows to download, you can give your
opinion to the world, or look up the world,
so what was the world most interested in
last week???

Photos of Scarlett Johansson.

Out of all the things to led google, it's
Scarlett, surly with billions of the internet,
photos of a actress wouldn't be up there,
but hey she's number one, and New Zealanders
are leading the way.

I guess she is popular, but the number one thing
that people ate looking for??? That is crazy!!!

I mean come on now!!! It's not like she is
Vegas girl or something.

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