Friday, September 9, 2011

The Palm's Reopen

A big day for Christchurch eastern residents, our favourite
mall has reopened, this is such a big deal for this area. We
no longer have to travel to Northlands or Northwood, we
have our own mall, our mall and it's back and bigger than

It was more than a mall for those in the east, it was a meeting
place, it was a place that you could get those chores done in
a relax atmosphere . After February's earthquake, the streets
were toast, there were no bus services, getting to another part
of town was hell, people ended up leaving the area, we had

But now our mall is back, The Palms will continue to grow
and grow and the east will be better off for it, who ever
thought a mall could mean so much to a group of people.

Life is finally starting to get back to normal, here's hoping it
will stay that way.

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