Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New TV Season Review

The new TV season is underway and all the major
shows have had their first episodes of the new season.

It was a mixture of greatness, goodness and some slightly
disappointing moments.

Anyway here is my reviews.

The Office 8/10

The Office which i reviewed in a previous post, had to
be eight of ten, for the choice of Andy Bernard as
Office manager and Robert California as the new
CEO. Only negative moments, Stanley's catch phrase
and  the persistence of the writers in letting us know
that Jim is a nice guy.

Modern Family 10/10

Modern Family which I also reviewed in a previous
post is the greatest thing on television at the moment,
the depth of each character and their family relationships
make this show unmissable and best of all it's funny, not
to be missed by anyone.

The Amazing Race  7/10

One again the Amazing Race is all about rooting for
your favorite team, the tasks are getting harder, the
teams are more competitive, there is every personality
type on show, only negative, a little repetitive, and the
show could be easy to manipulate

Kitchen Nightmares  6/10

Will watch it, because I love Ramsay, but if you
have seen one episode you probably have seen
them all, still makes for good viewing.

The Simpsons   7/10

The Simpsons is quality, but how can you keep it
fresh after 23 years, there is not many more story
lines you can do, still its funny, but I would really
love to see a ending to it.

Family Guy   5/10

Probably my biggest disappointment, I was
hoping for something special after last season
ended with what had to be the worst Family
Guy episode. Im not sure if the cut away's
are just getting boring or if there wasn't
enough Stewie, but it didn't seem to work,
here's hoping next week will be a big
improvement, it just has to be.

All in all, a good start to the new season.

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