Sunday, September 4, 2011

National Releases Party List

National has released it's party list for the 2011 General

Now as usual with these party lists the debate on the blogs
aren't about the merits of the candidates but the debate is
about their gender and ethnic makeup and sexual orientation.

IMHO it should never be about race/gender/religion/sexual
orientation, it should be about ideas, it should be about
moving the country forward, how you think these wanna MP's
are will do to make our country better.

Imagine in the USA if woman just voted for Sarah Palin and not
Obama because she was a woman,  I would doubt that would

But here, people have the calculators out trying to work out the
percentage of every race of their list, like it matters.

What matters is what is in someones heart and what is in their
head, anything else is racist.

Hopefully one day we will move on, time will tell.

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