Monday, September 19, 2011

Modern Family Wins Best Comedy

Modern family wins best comedy.


Well done on the Emmy's for getting it right, it was a night
for the Modern Family, as it took out, best writing, best
directing, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and
the big one.

Hands down Modern Family was the best show on tv this
year, only the office came close, but normally on award
shows, the awards goes to who knows who in

This time they got it right, giving it to a show that deserved

The only low point of the night was the snubbing of Steve
Carrell, everyone in the room knew he deserved it, but
you cant get it 100% righ,t can you?

So congrats to Ty and Julie and the writers and the directors
and congrats to everybody involved in Modern Family,
enjoy your Emmy's because they were well earned.

Hats off to all.

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