Saturday, September 10, 2011

McBain Movie hidden in Simpson Episode

In what some  Simpson's fans have known for ages, if
you take every McBain clip form the Simpsons and
rearrange you actually have a full McBain movie that
has made sense.

The media is slowly picking up on this and are first
checking that it's not April Fool's day and are now
going through over 22 years of programming trying
to slice and dice throughn the McBain clips.

If this ends up being true surly this will be the biggest
and best inside joke in TV History. It may of taken them
22 years, but they have done a movie inside a programme
with just little 20-30 secs clips and have made it make sense.

It will take a lot of viewing to see if this is true, and since the
clips aren't in order,a lot of working out.

If it is true, then the Simpsons is truly one of the greats allowed
to stand beside classics such as M*A*S*H, the Office, Seinfeld
and Taxi.

Fingers are crossed this is the case.

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