Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mark Dickel Fight

New Zealand lost 91-78 to Australia in their
opening match of the three match series. They
were never going to win.

When you lose home court advantage, because of a
media that doesn't care, when your star gets sent home
because of a indiscretion, and when your other star
gets ejected for fighting, how can you expect to win?

No team went through what the Tall Blacks went
through prior to their match and during their match
against Australia.

The New Zealand media cannot wash their hands
of this loss, from not saying a word when Sky
decided they didn't have enough cameras. All
it would of taken was someone like Brendan
Telfer to raise a fuss (Pretty sure he would of
done it for the Silver Ferns) and Sky would
of found the cameras.

Corey Webster getting sent home didn't help
you cant lose a star player in that way, and
still play your best game.

Then there was the so called Mark Dickel fight.
Mark Dickel didn't fight, he was wrestling for the
ball, the refs didn't see that way though.

Aussie shooting  a staggering 56% didn't help either.

But it's the New Zealand sport media that needs to
take a black eye for this, they know their role in
this loss, but all they are focus on is  Mark Dickel,
if a player from another sporting did what he did,
he would be called Tough and a hard man, but
he's from the wrong code, so once again our
media has a scapegoat for something they
are responsible for.

Here's hoping that the Tall Blacks can come
back and fight for real.

Although our media might not have enough time
or cameras to show it.

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