Monday, September 5, 2011

Margaret Mutu Just Can't Sell it

I kinda feel sorry for Auckland University professor,
Margaret Mutu.  You see Dr Mutu just can't sell it, she
is desperately trying to become one of those activists, that
make non Maori and Maori alike blood boil, she wants to
be on e of these activists that everybody turns too, when
there is an issue that is dividing the country, but she cant
sell it.

There was an episode of the TV programmes The
Sopranos, where Tony was talking about his
wanna be successor and he basically said, well
he knows what he is doing, but he cant sell
it, and this is the problem with Margaret Mutu.

She is trying to get people mad, but she doesn't
come across as the angry Maori, she comes across
well as a bone carving wearing Pakeha school
teacher who has a chip on their shoulder about

I remember seeing her on TV a few years and
cracking up laughing, she was talking about
a nationwide protest she wanted during the
summer, that would have Maori telling
Pakeha that they aren't allowed to go
to the beach.

She came off as self rightous, someone who
wasn't cemented in reality, someone who
thought their authority was higher than it

Tonight on the news, her explanation of
what racism is, was just sad.

This is why I feel sorry for her, she wants
to be this hard activist, but instead she
comes across as what she hates, a popmus
highfluting proffessor, who's ideas aren't
based in reality.

Maori deserve better.

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