Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life's Too Short

The countdown is on for Ricky Gervais's
and Stephen Merchant's new comedy,
life's too short. It has been called a cross
between The Office and Extras and like
the Office will be a mockumentary
series following real life dwarf  actor Warwick
Davis around and showing his frustrations in
trying to find work.

Like with the office, I'm sure some people
will think it's real.

Can Gervais and Merchant strike gold, three
times? Well I say yes, in fact I will say without
a doubt this like the Office and Extras will become
a global TV hit, not only will it garner huge
ratings but the critics will heap praise.

The show will air in the UK this year, and in
the USA in 2012, who knows when it will
air in New Zealand?

But it will be worth waiting for? There is
just too much talent involved in this to fail.

I cant wait!

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