Saturday, September 3, 2011

LaShawn Merritt Wins USA Gold

They are one of the  sporting world's most awesome sites,
one of the world's most feared and respected sporting teams,
they are up there with the Brazilian Football Team, The USA men's
Basketball team, The Cuban Men and Woman's volleyball team,
Russia's Natrional  Ice Hockey Team, Japan's National Baseball
team, The USA and Australian National Swim teams as a true
global sports team that everybody on the face of the planet loves
to see and do well.

They are of course the USA men's four by four hundred
relay track team.

LaShawn Merritt took them from a Bronze medal position 50
metres out to the Gold at the world track and field champs and
the sporting world gasped.

What can one say about the history of this team, and the
highlights they have given the planet over the decades
of track and field, they deserve all the credit given to
them, they deserved to be praised, they deserved all the
global media attention they are getting, they are some
of the best sportspeople on the planet.

Hats off to them, it was a privilege watching them win
Gold in South Korea, heres hoping they will repeat the
feat in London, doesn't matter if your an American or
not, this was true sporting therate.

Well done!

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