Saturday, September 3, 2011

Judge Philippa Cunningham Must Go

Has there ever been a time in Legal History anywhere
in the Western World where a judge discharges a child
rapist because he makes people laugh?

Her exact quote was " "He's a talented New Zealander.
He makes people laugh and laughter's a good medicine that we all
need a lot of."

That would be good, if he didn't sexually abuse his four
 year old daughter, what kind of sick judge would discharge
someone just because they think he is talented.

This is unheard of, does Judge Philippa have a history of
doing this, is the public going to stand by and let this non
conviction stand.

He pleaded gulity,  he should of gone to jail.

A four year girl's life is ruined because of this pedeofile, and
the Judge is more concerned over his well being than the

Never in the history of Law in this country has their been
a decsion more wrong.

Judge Philippa Cunningham must go.


tristanb said...

Philippa Cun­ning­ham also let Millie Elder off from her multiple drugs charges. All that police time wasted, and another criminal walks free. Maybe she really likes celebrities?

She also went on holiday in the middle of a rape trial forcing the victim to have to testify again.

So maybe she's just a bitch?

Brett Dale said...

She has some issues, Im suprised there hasnt been a bigger call for her to go.

Anonymous said...

Prime example of a piss weak judge who has so much power in her hands, but is equally incompetent and not up to the task. There is a generation of judges like this who are partial to criminals and let them get off lightly. 'Misjudge' phillippa cunningham is as sick and twisted