Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Herbert Owed $100,000

The most important man in New Zealand sport
is owed, $100 thousand dollars by his club the
Wellington Phoenix, and the lawyers have been
bought in.

Ricki Herbert the Phoenix and All Whites coach
has stayed loyal to all, but like all he has bills to
be paid, I cannot think of a coach from another
code who would stand by his team despite not being
paid what he was promised.

Herbert rightfully has refused to comment.

So where does this leave sport in New Zealand.

The next few weeks is going  to be crucial to
the history of sport in this country, not just
football, but Basketball and Swimming, the
whole landscape might change.

What must happen for the survival of sport
is three things,  First, Herbert must stay on, if he
goes the Phoenix goes and that will be the
end of football in the country.

Secondly, the Tall Blacks just have to make
the Olympics, Basketball will lose funding
and the sport will die, the New Zealand media
 have already started to put the knife in, by
 making use lose home court advantage, we need
 to rise up to this.

Thirdly, NewZealand swimming has to rely on
the swimmers to pull some amazing times out of the
hat,  results will rescue this sport, and we have
some amazing swimmers overseas, doing some
amazing times.

If these three situations don't go our way, then sport
is dead in this country, the media will be happy
because they can just focus on three sports that
no one cares about, but pays their bills.

My fingers and toes are crossed, because the
whole landscape of sport in NewZealand is
going to change soon.

Fingers crossed it will be for the better.


Morrissey Breen said...

The most important man in New Zealand sport is Graham Henry. Or maybe Dan Carter.

And why are you still calling soccer "football"?

Brett Dale said...

You mean the most important people in rugby.