Wednesday, September 7, 2011

George Lucas Changes Star Wars

Once again George Lucas has changed Star Wars.
This time it's for the Blue ray release of the original
three movies.

Changes include, Darth Vader taking lessons from
Ceasar the Ape and screaming NOOOOOOOOO
he is also working on the Ewok's eyes, apparently they
didn't look real enough in the original movie. He is also
making the door to Jabba's house bigger.

Now some may say, it's his movie he can do what
he likes with it, and if he was going to release an
unaltered version of Star Wars I would agree, but
he's not.

Can you imagine other directors doing this, perhaps
Nolan wants to change The Dark Knight or Inception?

Or maybe go further back and have directors changing
classic Oscar winning movies? There would be ab outcry,
but because he is George Lucas, he will get away it.

What else is a Star wars fan going to do, not buy the
only version there is.

Where will he draw the line??? I don't think anywhere,
maybe change Darth's voice? Add sponge Bob in to
hang with the Ewok's? Maybe Bieber could be on the

The world is your oyster, Mr Lucas? Too bad about your

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