Friday, September 16, 2011

George Clooney is better than us

George Clooney is better than us, he is
a better and bigger man than all of us
put together, and he has let us know
this in an interview he did at the Toronto
film festival.

Oh by us, I mean all of us, not blogger's or
reporters, I mean everybody.

You see this reporter by the name of Paul Chi,
asked this innocent question, about how he
balances his personal and professional life in
the spotlight. Fair enough question I thought.

Not fair enough for George Clooney who went
on and tried to embarrass him.

Clooney laughed and sneered and said "I knew
someone would ask that question" he went on to
ask this guy's name, Paul Chi told him, but Clooney
kept on asking about half a dozen times.

He then added, everybody remember the name Paul Chi,
he asks the questions that has to be asked. He also told
Paul that he should tell his editor that he asked the question.

To his credit Mr Chi remain professional, unlike
Mr Clooney who afterwards went on to tell
the media, he likes it when people ask him dumb
questions, because  it makes him laugh.

What got me, was how the rest of the press core
just sat there laughing, and clapping like trained
circus seals.

I found it to be bullying behavior on a  high school
level, where the cool kid, berates the nerd kid and
the whole class laughs at the Nerd, while the cool
kid sits there superior.

If I was at the press conference, I would of asked
George, "Why do you have to be a jerk?"

Lets hope one day people don't tolerate bullies

Hats off to Paul Chi for keeping his dignity.

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