Monday, September 5, 2011

Euro Basketball Champs

There is a sport event that Europe is glued too at the
moment, it's the biggest International  team sporting event
this year, the papers in Europe, the internet sites, Television,
Radio who would normally be talking about Football  are
talking about Basketball, The US Open may be on, but
Nadal is not making the front pages, but Dirk Nowitzki is.

It's the Euro Basketball Champs, and the top players from
Tony Parker to  Boris Diaw to Dirk, are not not only trying
to win the Euro Basketball Champs for their country, but
trying to get their country to the Olympics.

The second most popular team sport in the world, deserves
to be all over the media in Europe, it deserves to hold it's
place with the US Tennis Open and Football.

I'm still picking Germany to win it all,  Serbia seems to be
the hot favourite, and you an never count Spain,
a powerhouse of European Basketball, although they
seem to be a veteran team.

It's been a great comp so far, and I'm glad to see
some brilliant Basketball played by these teams,
and hopefully New Zealand is keeping an eye on
these games, because if we fall to Australia in our
upcoming series, then we will have to play some
of these teams in our quest for the Olympics.

A lot riding on the next couple of weeks, time will
tell if there will be a 100 thousand Germans dancing
in the street or if it will the Spanish celebrating yet
another world title at a truly world sport.

I'm going with Germany.

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