Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Elise Hell's Kitchen Season Nine

Your kidding me right? I am currently
watching Hell's Kitchen Season Nine, I
have seen eleven episodes, and the great respect
I have for Gordon Ramsay, is slowly going

The reason for this is Elise Wims, she is the
stereotype bully, the person who sees themselves
as a victim, the person who sees themselves as
the outcast and the one that is being bullied.

She could be the poster child for the office worker
who comes in everyday and expects people to be
courtesy and kind and respectful, yet will scream at
everybody saying the usual BS, "I take no crap from

Some may say shes not very self aware, but boy oh
boy, she is, she is just a jerk.

But I'm sure like all those Z rated unoriginal reality TV
stars like her, she will have her fan base.

My problem with Gordon Ramsay is that she is good
for ratings, she can't win, but he will keep her on
because this idiot makes for good television.

Ramsay could of gotton rid of her plenty of times,
before now, but hey with her screaming and
ranting and her superiority complex there will
be a percentage of the public that will love her.

The show should be about the best Chefs,
working under one of the top Chefs in the
world, and people like Elise shouldn't belong
this late in the competition.

Here's hoping he will come to his senses, it's
50/50 really, but if she stays on after another
stuff up, well Ramsay should have a long hard
look at himself.

Here's hoping he will.

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