Friday, September 30, 2011

Darien Fenton Finally Does the Right thing

Labour MP, Darien Fenton has finally done the right thing.
She caused an outrage a week or so back, when
she she ripped into Sir Peter Leitch for supporting
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key.

How anyone could rip into the Mad Butcher is beyond me,
his community work throughout his life,  his love
and passion for his family, friends and his sport is
something we should all admire.

Darien Fenton comments were pathetic and it
was the type of politics that don't belong in
the 21st, to rip into a private citizen is bad

Was she genuine in her apology, probably not
it only came after the public outcry, but she
has said sorry, and hopefully other politicians
will learn from this.

Time will tell.

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