Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Congrats to The Hand Mirror

Congrats to the Blog, The Hand Mirror, they
are taking action, where action is needed to
be taken.

In the past, I have been critical of a couple of
writers on that blog for what i perceived to be
a hypocritical nature on some of their views, I
have always though found the blog to be an
interesting read.

Hats off to them for a very serious  post they did
today. The post was on  activist Omar Hamed
 alleged behavior of predatory actions towards

Omar Hamed is frequent in several protest groups
that are quite well known in New Zealand.

There have been times in  history that if someone
is deemed to be doing a good job, that those
around him would forgive any sort of behavior.

Both the left and right are guilty of this.

Thankfully the good folk at the hand mirror are
not like that, even though Omar Hamed  shares
the same ideology as some of the posters, they have
stood up to his alleged disgusting behavior
towards woman and are doing to their best
to make sure that woman aren't put in harms

I have rewritten this post several times and
have deleted a lot of posts on this subject
today, because I don't have the skills as a writer,
to do this serious situation justice.

I just hope no one is ever put into a situation
they don't want to be in because of Omar

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