Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Clayton Weatherston's $270 thousand Legal Bill

Clayton Weatherston's legal bill has topped the
270 thousand mark and that will increase after the
supreme court rejected his latest provocation

Thankfully the Supreme Court rejected this cold
blooded murderer's appeal and were right to do
so, to see him smirking during his trail and blaming
the victim was repulsive, to lodge appeal after
appeal and have the top lawyers in the country being
 paid for by the tax payer was an insult to every
New Zealander and every good decent person.

Like most NewZealanders I never knew his victim,
like most NewZealanders I felt sick by his crime
which was horrific and cruel, and despite his
best efforts, his victim will always be remembered for
being the sweet and kind person that she was.

So Clayton enjoy your life in jail, your freedom is gone,
your appeals are gone, your waste of public money is
over, but the memory of Sophie Elliot will always remain
with her friends and family.

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