Saturday, September 24, 2011

Charlie Sheen Roasted

Charlie Sheen got Roasted the other night, on a
Comedy Central's roast.

It garnered Comedy Central's highest ratings for
a Roast, about 6 million viewers.

The jokes were hard hitting, mocking Charlie
for his love of drugs and prostitutes .He seem to take
it in his stride.

My problem with the show, wasn't the fact, that
they seem to mostly used B graders, Steve O,
Jeffery Ross, Mike Tyson and Jon Lovitz.

But some of the jokes directed at Charlie Sheen
contained references to his innocent victims. They
joked about his physical abuse of prostitutes, not
that funny if you were the woman that got assaulted
and your life threatened , they also joked
about the abuse of his ex girlfriends
etc etc etc.

Now yes, some say there shouldn't be any line when
it comes to comedy, but what it came off as, was
people making light of his actions.

These woman that he assaulted, wont get a cable TV
special, they wont get a share of the revenue, they
will be affected for the rest of their life's though and
to have a bunch of comedians, laughing WITH the
guy who assaulted them is just plain wrong.

So yes, Charlie Sheen got Roasted, and some
people called it hard hitting, perhaps what would of
been hard hitting would to be bring on stage the
non famous woman that he beat up, all covered in
bruises and all crying from the pain that this low
life woman beater inflicted on them.

Charlie Sheen I'm not sure what you are, but it
anit a winner.

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