Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cardinals go 1-1

Same old story, a close lost, and it didn't have to be,
in any sport the key is discipline, and you cant give
away penalties.

Unfortunately, the Cards have the worst record in the
NFL for doing this, fix this problem and not only
will the Cards win their division, but they could
win the Super Bowl.

Kolb and Fitzgerald are connecting through two
matches, the coaching staff are doing their job
along with the squad, but the issue of dumb
penalties are threatening to turn a great
season into an average 8-8 season.

At 1-1, there is no need for panic and they
could well go 10-6 if they fix this tiny but
crucial problem.

If I was on the coaching staff I would be
drumming in one word, discipline, because
after that everything else will fall into place.

Fingers are crossed and time will tell.

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