Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you Ready for the Football?

A new season is coming up, and it starts tomorrow,
what will 2011/2012 bring? Hopefully a Superbowl
title to the Cardinals. Could this be the Arizona
Cardinals year?

Preseason was hopeful, all  the cards wanted was a
connection between Kevin and Larry and they got it!
So despite some bookmakers thinking the Cards have
no chance, well think again, the Panthers are in for a
lot of hurt this weekend.

You have to feel sorry for the Colts though, losing Manning
for week one is not the way to start a season, if he ends
up being out for longer, then it's bye bye this season before
week one starts.

The opening match of the season is the Saints Versus the
Packers, and I'm guessing this will be the match of week one.

I love the eve of a big sporting comp, the NFL is amazing
to watch, with some of the fastest, most athletic men on
the planet.

Lets hope in a few months time, it will be the Cardinals having
one heck of a party!

Time will tell.


Morrissey Breen said...

I like American football---but rugby football's much faster and much more entertaining.

Brett Dale said...

Each to their own, I perfer the NFL because the players are much more faster and stronger.