Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And then there were 3

Bob Seger has joined Itunes, after being one of the
last holdouts from music's biggest store, Bob Seger has
finally said yes to Apple and we are left with three.

Kid Rock and ACDC seem to be about the
control of the music, if Apple pays them enough, or
gives them some control I think we may see them go real
 soon, Seger was against digital but has now been
talked around.

The biggest prize for Apple though will be Garth
 Brooks, but Garth Brooks anit budging, he has
 dug in his cowboy boots and will not shift, he has a
different reason for not wanting to go to Itunes,
 Garth has always been an album artist and as
 long as Itunes allows listeners to pick and
choose songs from an album and not buy the
entire album, Garth will say no.

I would love to see him on Itunes, but I
understand is point, an album is a piece of
art and not something that should be able to
be picked up piece by piece.

Here's hoping that Itunes can allow artists,
to have their say in how their music is bought,
until then, if you want a Garth fix your going
have to do it the old fashioned way, which
is kinda cool, I think.

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