Friday, September 30, 2011

Darien Fenton Finally Does the Right thing

Labour MP, Darien Fenton has finally done the right thing.
She caused an outrage a week or so back, when
she she ripped into Sir Peter Leitch for supporting
New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key.

How anyone could rip into the Mad Butcher is beyond me,
his community work throughout his life,  his love
and passion for his family, friends and his sport is
something we should all admire.

Darien Fenton comments were pathetic and it
was the type of politics that don't belong in
the 21st, to rip into a private citizen is bad

Was she genuine in her apology, probably not
it only came after the public outcry, but she
has said sorry, and hopefully other politicians
will learn from this.

Time will tell.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Congrats to The Hand Mirror

Congrats to the Blog, The Hand Mirror, they
are taking action, where action is needed to
be taken.

In the past, I have been critical of a couple of
writers on that blog for what i perceived to be
a hypocritical nature on some of their views, I
have always though found the blog to be an
interesting read.

Hats off to them for a very serious  post they did
today. The post was on  activist Omar Hamed
 alleged behavior of predatory actions towards

Omar Hamed is frequent in several protest groups
that are quite well known in New Zealand.

There have been times in  history that if someone
is deemed to be doing a good job, that those
around him would forgive any sort of behavior.

Both the left and right are guilty of this.

Thankfully the good folk at the hand mirror are
not like that, even though Omar Hamed  shares
the same ideology as some of the posters, they have
stood up to his alleged disgusting behavior
towards woman and are doing to their best
to make sure that woman aren't put in harms

I have rewritten this post several times and
have deleted a lot of posts on this subject
today, because I don't have the skills as a writer,
to do this serious situation justice.

I just hope no one is ever put into a situation
they don't want to be in because of Omar

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Poll Results are in

The Poll results are in, thanks to all four of us who
voted, the show people most want to watch in
the new season is (drum roll) The Office, followed
by Modern Family and The Amazing race tied for

All great programs by the way!

New TV Season Review

The new TV season is underway and all the major
shows have had their first episodes of the new season.

It was a mixture of greatness, goodness and some slightly
disappointing moments.

Anyway here is my reviews.

The Office 8/10

The Office which i reviewed in a previous post, had to
be eight of ten, for the choice of Andy Bernard as
Office manager and Robert California as the new
CEO. Only negative moments, Stanley's catch phrase
and  the persistence of the writers in letting us know
that Jim is a nice guy.

Modern Family 10/10

Modern Family which I also reviewed in a previous
post is the greatest thing on television at the moment,
the depth of each character and their family relationships
make this show unmissable and best of all it's funny, not
to be missed by anyone.

The Amazing Race  7/10

One again the Amazing Race is all about rooting for
your favorite team, the tasks are getting harder, the
teams are more competitive, there is every personality
type on show, only negative, a little repetitive, and the
show could be easy to manipulate

Kitchen Nightmares  6/10

Will watch it, because I love Ramsay, but if you
have seen one episode you probably have seen
them all, still makes for good viewing.

The Simpsons   7/10

The Simpsons is quality, but how can you keep it
fresh after 23 years, there is not many more story
lines you can do, still its funny, but I would really
love to see a ending to it.

Family Guy   5/10

Probably my biggest disappointment, I was
hoping for something special after last season
ended with what had to be the worst Family
Guy episode. Im not sure if the cut away's
are just getting boring or if there wasn't
enough Stewie, but it didn't seem to work,
here's hoping next week will be a big
improvement, it just has to be.

All in all, a good start to the new season.

Leisha Hailey Kicked off Flight for a kiss

What the heck is wrong with South West Airlines?

What kind of airline would kick someone off of
their flights for a kiss?

Actress Leisha Hailey got kicked off a flight
for kissing her girlfriend. Does South West
Airlines know it's the year 2011????

I'm not sure who is worse the airline or the
person who was offended by a same sex
kiss, I mean really, how bigoted can you

Next time I fly, Im going with any other
airline except Southwest.

Well done to Leisha Hailey for making
a stand.

Warriors Will Win

The New Zealand Warriors will win the NRL grand final,
if it does four things.

They have to play Warrior style, against any other team,
I would say they would have to be more disciplined, but
that is Manly's game, so  they should revert to throwing
around a bit, but not in their own half.

They need to be coached good, Clearly has to make
changes quickly if a player is having an off day, he
seems to be loyal to the players on the field.

The stars have to shine, Manu and Locke have
to play like its their last ever game, and they
have to do the unexpected.

They need to be in the ears of the ref's and
linesman, Manly is a dirty team, and the Ref's
and linesmen are going to be bias against the
Warrior's because simply they are a New Zealand
team, the players need to show, that we wont
take that BS on the grand final stage.

If all this happens, then the Warriors will win the
grand final.

Fingers and Toes are crossed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Cardinals Lose Again Somehow

I mean, seriously? You can't beat the
freakin seahawks? Your suppose to
be a play off contender, yet you get
beaten by a team that will never be
a contender.

What the heck is wrong with this franchise,
do they just go with the motions, then there
is way the Cardinals should of lost this game
and now they are 1-2 on the season.

Forget about the playoffs, this team wont
finish 500. Heck if there is an NBA lockout,
what am I going to do with my sports following?

Follow the Blackcaps????!!!

Show the Warriors Game

The Warriors have made the grand final, this
is a huge occasion for New Zealand sport, the
whole country is behind them, except the NZRFU.

You see we were told by the bosses of the other code,
that even if you don't like Rugby Union we should get
behind the rugby world cup, because it will be good
for the country and we should all support each

They have now shown their true colors in their
actions of not allowing the Warriors Versus
manly NRL Rugby League grand final to
be shown in RWC fan zone because it's a
different sporting code.

Some may say, fair enough,  but since the
fanzone has been paid for by the TAXPAYER,
then they have no right, it's disgusting, it's wrong,
and it shows the NZRFU's true nature.

Lets hope a  fan zone is set up for the Warriors
because they deserve it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011



The NewZealand Warriors have made the NRL Grand
Final. They will play and hopefully beat Manly for their
first NRL title.

Awesome team game, man of the match for me, Locke,
this is the best I have seen them play.



The Warriors have the game of their life's  tonight, when
they face the Melbourne Storm, the winner to go
through to the Grand Final against Manly.

You can go through the history of both teams, go through
the stats and hard data, ask the experts, ask the man
on the street, ask your dog or cat, but there is only
one way to figure out who is going to win.

You need to ask yourself the question, which Warriors
team will turn up, will it be the good Warriors or the
bad Warriors, will it be the good Manu or the bad
Manu, the good coaching of Clearly or the bad

Forgot about what the Melbourne Storm are
going to do, they are  the supporting
cast, what happens in those 80 minutes
comes down to the New Zealand Warriors.

Lets hope we can see the signature smile from

Time will tell.

Charlie Sheen Roasted

Charlie Sheen got Roasted the other night, on a
Comedy Central's roast.

It garnered Comedy Central's highest ratings for
a Roast, about 6 million viewers.

The jokes were hard hitting, mocking Charlie
for his love of drugs and prostitutes .He seem to take
it in his stride.

My problem with the show, wasn't the fact, that
they seem to mostly used B graders, Steve O,
Jeffery Ross, Mike Tyson and Jon Lovitz.

But some of the jokes directed at Charlie Sheen
contained references to his innocent victims. They
joked about his physical abuse of prostitutes, not
that funny if you were the woman that got assaulted
and your life threatened , they also joked
about the abuse of his ex girlfriends
etc etc etc.

Now yes, some say there shouldn't be any line when
it comes to comedy, but what it came off as, was
people making light of his actions.

These woman that he assaulted, wont get a cable TV
special, they wont get a share of the revenue, they
will be affected for the rest of their life's though and
to have a bunch of comedians, laughing WITH the
guy who assaulted them is just plain wrong.

So yes, Charlie Sheen got Roasted, and some
people called it hard hitting, perhaps what would of
been hard hitting would to be bring on stage the
non famous woman that he beat up, all covered in
bruises and all crying from the pain that this low
life woman beater inflicted on them.

Charlie Sheen I'm not sure what you are, but it
anit a winner.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wellington Phoenix Saved!

Well done to the Phoenix their place in the
Australian A League is secure. Thanks to a
group of seven business men who will overtake
the running of the club from Terry Serepisos.

A big thank you has to be given to Terry
Serepisos for saving the Phoenix, and  we can
only hope he can sort out his financial troubles
because he has done a hell of a lot for New
Zealand football.

So here we are, New Zealand has it's own
professional football club playing in the
Australian League. This is so important
for New Zealand Football and New Zealand
sport, if they were to falter, then it might
as well been, bye bye to football in
New Zealand.

Thankfully the Phoenix are alive and well, and
in about a month's time, the shirts will be off
the crowd will be singing and hopefully the
strikers will be scoring.

Time will tell.

Will Carling and cricketer Kevin Pietersen

A quick funny interview from Rugby Player Will Carling
interviewing cricketer player Kevin Pieterson.

Andy Bernard Office Manager

Congrats to the Nard Dog, viewers were left waiting
over the summer to see who will  replace Steve Carrell's
Michael Scott as Office Manager in the Office and
viewers were happy with sales clerk Andy Bernard
landing the position.

The writers could it got it wrong, by bringing in
someone new, but they were loyal with the viewer
and stuck with the Nard Dog.

The first episode was brilliant, James Spader as
new CEO was amazing,  as he created two
lists with people as winners or losers, there
were touching moments with Bernard's speech
to Spader's Robert California and what he
said about Erin.

The only two bits for me that didn't work was
Stanley's new catch phrase, and the note Jim
left for Pam, (we get it, Jim is a nice guy)

Other than that, nine out of ten, Spader is
a great addition to the cast, lets hope the
rest of the season is as good as the first.

Fingers and toes are crossed.

Best Lines Modern Family Season 3 Ep1/2

My favorite lines from the first two episodes of Season
three of Modern family.

"There are going to be some Angry Birds" Luke

"At least it's big. Grandpa said you used to live in a closet!" Luke

"Only we can touch our wives when they don't want us to."-Phil

"Rode a horse for the first time today, wasn't surpised when it went neeeiggghh" Dylan

"I've been practicing like crazy all my cowboy skills - shooting, roping, pancake eating" Phil

Luke with firework. manny: "and I'M the one on the no-fly list!"

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Modern Family Season 3

What a way to start the season! Season 3 of Modern
Family, kicked off in the best fashion with a double
episode. If I had to review the first two episodes
and give a mark out of ten, it would have to be
ten out of ten.

It had plenty of laughs, touching moments and plenty of

The first episode was a vacation episode, which the
whole family and Dylan went to a Dude ranch.

The second episode revolved around Claire never
wanting to be wrong.

Both episodes had enough one liners to last a whole
season, wish I wont spoil if you haven't seen the

Lets hope the rest of the season, lives up to the two
brilliant first episodes.

Funny Rugby Video

They Make Great Parents

Here is my answer, thanks to the good people
of DU, to the most bigoted, hateful statement, that
is doing the rounds of politicians around the world.

You see there is still some people that are against
gay marriage, I cannot see why, but there are, and
over the past few weeks, politicans from three different
countries, New Zealand, Australia and the USA, have
said this awful statement.

Two dads don't make a mum.

How sick in the head are these people, what makes
a mum? Well I will tell you, its not the gender of the
mum, its the caring  qualities of a human being.

How dare these politicians say something just to
gain votes from bigoted people.

Lets hope the voters of the world stand up to

It will be a great day for the world if we do.

Ten Years and Ten Days from 9/11

It's been ten years and ten days since 9/11.

This post is about the bloggers and the media reaction
to this event.

On the whole, my country New Zealand was great in
paying respect to the victims that fell that day.

As usual there was a small bunch of people on blogs, who
questioned 9/11, and the media coverage given to it.

IMHO The posters at "the standard" were horrible ripping
into people who would dare say, Thoughts and Wishes
with America today, they stated all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Ms Rahman wrote a piece at the brilliant Hand Mirror
site, who's writers, Julie, Suba Nurse, LudditeJourno
I respect.

She listed a bunch of world events from past decades
and asked why these dont recieve the same media attention.

IMHO it seems people have a habit of questioning
 people who want to commemorate something
that happened in the USA, perhaps its because
they are the world's superpower, Im not sure.

(Ms Rahman has now explained her views to me)

If you read this blog, you would know Im pro American,
so 9/11 effected me, and I get a bit sensitive, when America
in my opinion gets knocked.

 I have family members there, I also
commemorate 9/11 because when I have visited
America I found them to be an open and honest
and caring people, I commermorate the USA
because they have been  good friend to
New Zealand.

(This post has now been heavily edited MsRahman is
not a diversity teacher, but as chartered accountant.
My views on her posts are my views and opinions, Im
not stating it as a fact.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cardinals go 1-1

Same old story, a close lost, and it didn't have to be,
in any sport the key is discipline, and you cant give
away penalties.

Unfortunately, the Cards have the worst record in the
NFL for doing this, fix this problem and not only
will the Cards win their division, but they could
win the Super Bowl.

Kolb and Fitzgerald are connecting through two
matches, the coaching staff are doing their job
along with the squad, but the issue of dumb
penalties are threatening to turn a great
season into an average 8-8 season.

At 1-1, there is no need for panic and they
could well go 10-6 if they fix this tiny but
crucial problem.

If I was on the coaching staff I would be
drumming in one word, discipline, because
after that everything else will fall into place.

Fingers are crossed and time will tell.

Robert California new CEO of Sabre-Dunder Mifflin

Meet the new CEO of Sabre-Dunder Mifflin, Mr
Robert California, he takes over from Jo Bennett
is retiring for the printing/paper industry.

His first task will be to oversee the new manager
of the Scranton Branch, which is the most 
successful branch of Sabre-Duner Mifflin, with
Michael Scott moving on, the change over will
be crucial.

Here's hoping it will be a successful year.

People Not Googling Rugby World Cup

It seems people aren't googling the Rugby World Cup,
despite the New Zealand media and people like
Brendan Telfer telling us this is the event the world is
talking about, google says otherwise.

A quick look at google insight shows only New Zealanders
are  googling the term, Rugby World Cup, and it's not
just an anti sport thing, people are checking out boxing,
cricket, football etc etc, you can check for google
checks by countries and only New Zealanders are
googling this term, so why does the media tell us that
the world's focus is on this event??

Well they are liars for a start, and they are paid a lot to

Money talks, but sport in New Zealand is worse off
because of it.

Paul Niederman Wins Hell's Kitchen


Paul Niedermann has won Hell's Kitchen!!

Gordon Ramsay got it right on this one.

If Elise Wims had of made the final two, there
would of been outrage, I wouldn't have minded
even if Will or Tommy would of won.

But,  thankfully it was the best Chef and one heck
of a nice guy, Paul that won.

Who says nice guys finish last, he was above all
the bickering all the lies, all the childish bully tactics
of Elise.

The BLT Steak House in New York is in great hands,
they will be led by a great chef, and for once reality
TV showed to win  you don't have to be a bully to

Hats off to Chef Niederman!

New Zealand Police Must be Allowed to Film

I cannot believe that there has to be a law change to allow
police to film covertly, can you imagine the crime if this
law doesn't pass?

Why are pressure groups trying to stop this, are we
that anti police in this country, that we won't allow
them to do their jobs?

The best thing as a society that we can do is allow
the police to police, but every day in the media, you
have certain pressure groups telling the Police what
they can and cant do, we are virtually tying their hands
behind their back.

Lets hope no ideology will stop this very important
law being passed.

Time will tell.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sir Peter Leitch

Has Sir Peter Leitch ever been NewZealander
of the year? He deserves to be.

Too see this great man, who's been battling cancer,
still devoting his time to the well being of others,
still passionate about his sport of Rugby League and
the Warriors, still wanting people to give, still
wanting the media to focus on the people, was
an inspiration to all.

How can this man, who's had his fair share of
hard knocks, be so brave and be so good, it
bought a tear to my eye.

Let's hope people continue to see what he
does, and copy him, lets hope his might
Warriors team can win, lets hope he
can beat cancer, New Zealand needs
more people like Peter Leitch, heck
the world needs more people like
Peter Leitch.

Good on ya, mate.

Ben Boyce Arrested

Ben Boyce has been arrested. He is the idiot
producer of a show that got an actor to dress as a pilot
who went into a restricted area at Auckland International

Even though it was a stunt for a tax payer funded
TV show, this is a crime, and there is no humor
in it.

The airport could of gotten closed down for the
night putting thousand of travelers plans out, how
selfish can this jerk be?

How would you like to be traveling overseas
only for the plans to be screwed because of
this jerk.

What was he thinking?, the last thing you want in
a airport is some so called comedian doing a
stunt like this.

I hope he is fined big time, and loses his tax payer
funded show.

Good on the Police for arresting him.

Here's hoping others don't try to do what
he did, because our safety may be at risk.

Fingers are crossed.

Modern Family Wins Best Comedy

Modern family wins best comedy.


Well done on the Emmy's for getting it right, it was a night
for the Modern Family, as it took out, best writing, best
directing, best supporting actor, best supporting actress and
the big one.

Hands down Modern Family was the best show on tv this
year, only the office came close, but normally on award
shows, the awards goes to who knows who in

This time they got it right, giving it to a show that deserved

The only low point of the night was the snubbing of Steve
Carrell, everyone in the room knew he deserved it, but
you cant get it 100% righ,t can you?

So congrats to Ty and Julie and the writers and the directors
and congrats to everybody involved in Modern Family,
enjoy your Emmy's because they were well earned.

Hats off to all.

Ty Burrell Wins Best Supporting Actor

Ty Burrell wins best supporting actor at the emmys!!!!!!


Well done, he deserves it!!

Its going to be a modern family night!

I posted a week or so back how great TY is in his
role of Phil, and I'm so pleased for the guy.

Modern Family has also picked up a writing and
directing emmy, plus best supporting actress for
Julie Bowen.

Lets hope it gets best comedy series also!!

Steve Carrell Must Win

Well, it's Steve Carrell's last chance for a
Emmy, he has left the office and hopefully
the Emmy's will get it right.

Unfortunately he is up against Hollywood's
favorite Alec Baldwin.

Carrell deserves this award for all the hard
work, not just the last season, when things
finally went right for Michael Scott, but for
taking on the role, that was made so famous
in the English version, by Ricky Gervais.

Let's hope the voters wont play politics and
that they will vote for Carrell for best actor.

Also the most interesting category this year
will be best supporting actor in a comedy.

There will be real corruption, and I will never
watch another awards show again if Jon Cryer

No offense to Jon Cryer, but he is up against
the brilliant Chris Colfer from Glee,  the amazing
Ed O'Neill  from Modern family, Eric Stonestreet's
lovable gay parent  also from Modern Family,
and imho the only person who could beat
Chris Colfer, Ty Burrell again from Modern Family.

I hope the voters don't play it safe, and give the award
to Jon Cryer's laugh track performances. I'm sure
the advertisers want them to, but to do so would be
an insult to the work of Colfer and those actors form
Modern family.

Lets hope they show some integrity.

Fingers are crossed.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chris Colfer I Want To Hold Your Hand

Warriors beat Tigers

Warriors win, Warriors win, Warriors win.

Guess who won, thanks to a try with only two
minutes left from Mr Inu, the warriors have pulled
off the upset of the season, coming from 18-6 behind
to win 22-20.

The Warriors will now face the Storm for a place in the
Grand Final!!!

Can they do it? well if they played like they did last
night, of course they can.

You never know what Warriors side will turn up.

Lets hope it's the one that beat the Tigers.

Fingers are crossed.

Friday, September 16, 2011

George Clooney is better than us

George Clooney is better than us, he is
a better and bigger man than all of us
put together, and he has let us know
this in an interview he did at the Toronto
film festival.

Oh by us, I mean all of us, not blogger's or
reporters, I mean everybody.

You see this reporter by the name of Paul Chi,
asked this innocent question, about how he
balances his personal and professional life in
the spotlight. Fair enough question I thought.

Not fair enough for George Clooney who went
on and tried to embarrass him.

Clooney laughed and sneered and said "I knew
someone would ask that question" he went on to
ask this guy's name, Paul Chi told him, but Clooney
kept on asking about half a dozen times.

He then added, everybody remember the name Paul Chi,
he asks the questions that has to be asked. He also told
Paul that he should tell his editor that he asked the question.

To his credit Mr Chi remain professional, unlike
Mr Clooney who afterwards went on to tell
the media, he likes it when people ask him dumb
questions, because  it makes him laugh.

What got me, was how the rest of the press core
just sat there laughing, and clapping like trained
circus seals.

I found it to be bullying behavior on a  high school
level, where the cool kid, berates the nerd kid and
the whole class laughs at the Nerd, while the cool
kid sits there superior.

If I was at the press conference, I would of asked
George, "Why do you have to be a jerk?"

Lets hope one day people don't tolerate bullies

Hats off to Paul Chi for keeping his dignity.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life's Too Short

The countdown is on for Ricky Gervais's
and Stephen Merchant's new comedy,
life's too short. It has been called a cross
between The Office and Extras and like
the Office will be a mockumentary
series following real life dwarf  actor Warwick
Davis around and showing his frustrations in
trying to find work.

Like with the office, I'm sure some people
will think it's real.

Can Gervais and Merchant strike gold, three
times? Well I say yes, in fact I will say without
a doubt this like the Office and Extras will become
a global TV hit, not only will it garner huge
ratings but the critics will heap praise.

The show will air in the UK this year, and in
the USA in 2012, who knows when it will
air in New Zealand?

But it will be worth waiting for? There is
just too much talent involved in this to fail.

I cant wait!

LeAnn Rimes Amazing new video

Mark Reason

Mark again has no reason to come up with stories
that are negative other than he has to bag anything
he deems to be competition with Rugby.

So out of the NewZealand players he can pick to
say is over rated he picks the former League player.

Well well well, the one player that is over rated is
the league player huh?

Tell me that is not bias, oh and another thing where
were you Mark when Lomu  was playing, heck where
are you now, when your friends in the media are
still glorying him as the second coming.

Perhaps Mark reason wants to be the next Deaker or
Telfer I don't know.

He certainly doesn't want to be a genuine journalist.

Germany out of Olympic Basketball

One of the biggest shocks in International basketball
history, Germany are out of the 2012 Olympics, after
falling to Lithuania.  Not even the great Dirk Nowitzki
could  get his team there, after the 84-75 loss.

Dirk should banged in 16 points, but a poor last few
minutes by the Germans, means they will be watching
the Olympics on the television.

This is a big shame for the Olympics, Dirk is one of the
world's true sporting stars and his presence in London
would given the Olympics Glamour sport another
massive boost, now Lebron James will have to
find another player to have a rivalry with,  perhaps
Kirk Penny, if New Zealand makes it.

That would be awesome! Fingers and toes are

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gordon Ramsay Keeps Elise

Well I have now seen 13 episodes of season nine
of Hell's Kitchen, and this is what bugs me about
reality TV shows and the bullies who are drawn
into them.

Elise said on episode 13 that  "I don't tolerate disrespect"

I'm kinda guessing that was scripted for her, I mean do
people still like screaming egotistical idiots that much,
I don't watch reality TV apart from Hells Kitchen and
the amazing race, but it never ceases to amaze me that
people with no talent who are abusive become famous,
and those same people think they are talented and think
that they are the victims.

I still love Gordon and I still love Hell's Kitchen, but shame
on them for turning  Hells kitchen into a Jersey Shore
type programme.

Your better than that Gordon.

Fingers crossed that this once great show, will
become great again.

I anit holding my breath.

Elise Hell's Kitchen Season Nine

Your kidding me right? I am currently
watching Hell's Kitchen Season Nine, I
have seen eleven episodes, and the great respect
I have for Gordon Ramsay, is slowly going

The reason for this is Elise Wims, she is the
stereotype bully, the person who sees themselves
as a victim, the person who sees themselves as
the outcast and the one that is being bullied.

She could be the poster child for the office worker
who comes in everyday and expects people to be
courtesy and kind and respectful, yet will scream at
everybody saying the usual BS, "I take no crap from

Some may say shes not very self aware, but boy oh
boy, she is, she is just a jerk.

But I'm sure like all those Z rated unoriginal reality TV
stars like her, she will have her fan base.

My problem with Gordon Ramsay is that she is good
for ratings, she can't win, but he will keep her on
because this idiot makes for good television.

Ramsay could of gotton rid of her plenty of times,
before now, but hey with her screaming and
ranting and her superiority complex there will
be a percentage of the public that will love her.

The show should be about the best Chefs,
working under one of the top Chefs in the
world, and people like Elise shouldn't belong
this late in the competition.

Here's hoping he will come to his senses, it's
50/50 really, but if she stays on after another
stuff up, well Ramsay should have a long hard
look at himself.

Here's hoping he will.

And then there were 3

Bob Seger has joined Itunes, after being one of the
last holdouts from music's biggest store, Bob Seger has
finally said yes to Apple and we are left with three.

Kid Rock and ACDC seem to be about the
control of the music, if Apple pays them enough, or
gives them some control I think we may see them go real
 soon, Seger was against digital but has now been
talked around.

The biggest prize for Apple though will be Garth
 Brooks, but Garth Brooks anit budging, he has
 dug in his cowboy boots and will not shift, he has a
different reason for not wanting to go to Itunes,
 Garth has always been an album artist and as
 long as Itunes allows listeners to pick and
choose songs from an album and not buy the
entire album, Garth will say no.

I would love to see him on Itunes, but I
understand is point, an album is a piece of
art and not something that should be able to
be picked up piece by piece.

Here's hoping that Itunes can allow artists,
to have their say in how their music is bought,
until then, if you want a Garth fix your going
have to do it the old fashioned way, which
is kinda cool, I think.

Clayton Weatherston's $270 thousand Legal Bill

Clayton Weatherston's legal bill has topped the
270 thousand mark and that will increase after the
supreme court rejected his latest provocation

Thankfully the Supreme Court rejected this cold
blooded murderer's appeal and were right to do
so, to see him smirking during his trail and blaming
the victim was repulsive, to lodge appeal after
appeal and have the top lawyers in the country being
 paid for by the tax payer was an insult to every
New Zealander and every good decent person.

Like most NewZealanders I never knew his victim,
like most NewZealanders I felt sick by his crime
which was horrific and cruel, and despite his
best efforts, his victim will always be remembered for
being the sweet and kind person that she was.

So Clayton enjoy your life in jail, your freedom is gone,
your appeals are gone, your waste of public money is
over, but the memory of Sophie Elliot will always remain
with her friends and family.

Sen James Forrester bigot of the year

Sen James Forrester surly must be the bigot
of  Politics. The North Carolina Senator,
said the reason he voted for a ban on gay marriage is
that "Two Dad's don't make a mum"

What the heck is wrong with him?

How bigoted and homophobic can one
person get? What an insult to all the gay
parents of the USA, who would of
thought in the year 2011, someone
would say something like that.

I can only hope that protests will be
organised, and gay and straight parents
will turn up with their children to show this
bigot, what real parenting is.

Love and respect for all no matter what your
sexuality is.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

He's Alive

Rumors of Happy Feet's, death have been greatly exaggerated.

Apparently some top scientist thinks there are no Whales
or Seals where he might be.

What say he went the wrong way though, did he have his
Tom Tom with him, that would of helped.

Anyway, lets just wait for the next furry little animal story
to take over the media.

Which will it be?

Time will tell.

Tom Brady Throws for Over 500 Yards

I'm speechless, I'm without speech.

Is Happy Feet Dead?

Is Happy Feet dead?

The NewZealand media, and the NewZealand public
wants to know, but do they want to know the truth?

Most people are saying, that the transmitter which
stopped trasmitting, is actually inside a seal's
stomach, along with parts if not all of Happy Feet.

A sad end for Mr Happy Feet, but he knew the
risks, and there is always the chance that he
might of just made it.

Lets hope he did, as a kid watching those nature
documentaries, I always cheered for the little guy,
as a adult I have always supported the SPCA.

My question is, has anyone asked The Penguin,
he might know!!!

Lets hope all will be answered.

Russell Norman and the Greens

Shame on the Green party of New Zealand, and their
co leader Russell Norman. On the anniversary of the
9/11 attacks the Green party decided not to say a word,
not one word of Sympathy from Russell Norman or
Kevin Hague or retiring MP, Keith Locke.

These so called caring Greenies, couldn't even give
it a mention.

IMHO, they are like the extreme bloggers who had to
question why people are giving sympathy to the USA and
not other nations that have tragic events.

The bloggers are hypocrites,  because it's only when it America,
these people start to question it, and they aren't honest with
 themselves, they try to word it ambiguously, but lets face it
 they are just pissed off because people's thoughts and
 wishes are with the USA.

The Green Politician's though are another story, they just close
their eyes and act like it didn't happen.

Well that's what I'm going to do, come election time,
close my eyes where I see their candidate's name and I
will vote for someone else.

That is my form of protest against them.

Monday, September 12, 2011

USA Deserves Our Sympathy

I find it strange that some people find it hard to give
the USA sympathy over the tragic events of 9/11.

They either ignore it completely or come up with
conspiracy theories.

There is a left wing Feminist blog in New Zealand
that I go to that i love called the hand mirror,  I have
so much respect the views of it's main writer Julie,
unfortunately some other writers disappoint me.

One such writer did a piece on the tenth anniversary
of 9/11, she spent about 12 paragraphs asking and
explaining why don't we give as much as coverage
to other tragic events.

IMHO 9/11 is about 9/11 and the anniversary of it belongs
to the victims and their families. Lets hope it remains that way.

(Ms Rahman has now explained her stance to me and this post
has been edited)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why I Like America

After I posted the Alan Jackson video for the tenth
anniversary of 9/11, I got a message on another
board, asking why am I only honoring American
victims of terrorism.

Well the whole point of my post was to honor the
victims of 9/11.

But it got me thinking, why do I like Americans?
Well I have American relatives for a start, and
I have worked with Americans in New Zealand,
and in my eight visits to America, I found them to
be a sincere, polite and helpful people.

IMHO they are the type of people who will give
you the shirt of their back, they will think nothing of
lending a hand, they are welcoming of people, and
are eager to learn about anyone who is visiting from
another country.

I never once heard an American make a smartass remark
when I'm there about my accent or the country that I'm from.
I never once had an American make fun of the music that I
follow, I never once had an American have an issue with the
fact that I don't drink. I never once had an American have
a problem with what sport I follow.

So in my experiences, they are a fun loving, welcoming, and
most of all, excepting people.

So I'm not going to say sorry for liking America, I'm not going
to say sorry for posting an Alan Jackson video.

Americans shouldn't have to say sorry for being Americans either.

Just my thoughts.

Now excuse me, I have to go now

9/11 ten years on

Thoughts and Wishes to all those in the USA.
May you never forget the hero's on this terrible day when
so many life's were lost, may your loves ones
always be remembered.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What I want from Garth Brooks in 2014

Garth Brooks will come out of retirement in
in 2014, he will do a full tour and new studio
album, he will end his one man show at the Wynn
in Vegas.

As a life long fan what do I want from Garth Brooks
in 2014, it's quite easy, I want him to enjoy himself
with his music and his live show, I don't want him to go
deep and sing about the situation in Libya, I also don't
want him just to go in a studio and phone in some quirky
fun songs, I hope he works on a album that is suited to
his age and shows where he is in his life and how is
life has changed since his daughters have left home.

In terms of his life show, I just want him to go out
and have some fun as only Garth Brooks can, this
part of his career will basically be his end part, it will
last over a decade I guess, he will sell millions and
play to millions more and at the end of it, he will
have a career that country music and he and his
fans can be proud of.

It will be hard to top The Dance and Friends in
Low Places but he will have a heck of a time

Roll on 2014.

Back to the Future Auction

McBain Movie hidden in Simpson Episode

In what some  Simpson's fans have known for ages, if
you take every McBain clip form the Simpsons and
rearrange you actually have a full McBain movie that
has made sense.

The media is slowly picking up on this and are first
checking that it's not April Fool's day and are now
going through over 22 years of programming trying
to slice and dice throughn the McBain clips.

If this ends up being true surly this will be the biggest
and best inside joke in TV History. It may of taken them
22 years, but they have done a movie inside a programme
with just little 20-30 secs clips and have made it make sense.

It will take a lot of viewing to see if this is true, and since the
clips aren't in order,a lot of working out.

If it is true, then the Simpsons is truly one of the greats allowed
to stand beside classics such as M*A*S*H, the Office, Seinfeld
and Taxi.

Fingers are crossed this is the case.