Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kevin Kolb Connects with Fitzy

Even though the Arizona Cardinals lost their
preseason match to the Chargers, every Cards
fan must be celebrating, because after all the talk
of a connection between Kolb and Fitzgerald, they
finally turned the talk into reality.

Three passes for 108 yards between the two, has
the Cardinals chances of being a playoff team, soaring.

What also helps is that Kolb is a running quaterback who
will keep defensives guessing, if he gets caught in the
pocket it doesn't matter he can scramble out of it.

Larry can cacth any ball near his direction, doesn't matter if
its behind his head, in front, to the left or right.

This season is all about the pass for the cards, and hopefully
for the fans it will be about much more.

Here's hoping!

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