Monday, August 29, 2011

Greatest Sporting Victory this Year

When the Tall Blacks beat Russia 80-77 over Russia to win

 the Stankovic Cup it represented the greatest sporting achievement
of 2011, it doesn't matter if the All Blacks go on to win the
Rugby world cup, a sport that is too tiny outside our
country, it wouldn't had matter if we had of won the Netball
world champs, the most insignificant sport on the face
of the planet.

We have won a Major competition in the
second most popular team sport in the
world, it's now up to our media in a few
 months time to show credibility by giving
 the Tall Blacks the Halbergs.

The achievements of the Tall Blacks over the past nine years is
beyond belief, yet our media keeps quiet, I wonder why?

Well I don't actually, I know the reason and I only wish I had
the factual proof.

Anyway, here's hoping  our National Basketball team will end up
at next years Olympics when the world's spotlight will be on them.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Nobody cares about basketball. The football festival is in full flight now. Why are you so resentful, party pooper?

Brett Dale said...

Pandasport or usenet which one are you?